Great Work!

Thank you to our Member Ross Anderson for organising the recent Bike Marking Event at Newtongrange Library.  Given the number of bike crimes in Midlothian the Community Council felt we needed to act.  The event was quickly organised in collaboration with Police Scotland Midlothian where a Community Officer carried out bike marking and gave advice regarding pedal cycle security.  26 bikes were successfully marked at the event, making it easier to return them to their rightful owners, should the worst happen

Bike marking includes adding the details of pedal cycles to the Bike Register database, which helps police reunite pedal cycles with owners when they are lost or stolen.
If you were unable to make the event but would still like you bike to be marked please attend the local station and this can be arranged – call 101 for opening times.
Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

After seeing the great work carried out by the Community Council during the pandemic I wanted to lend my skills and experience in order to make a difference.

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