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About Midlothian Traffic, Roads and Paths (MTRAP)

Newtongrange Community Council typically has one or more members attending the monthly Midlothian Traffic, Roads and Paths group. The monthly meetings cover everything from Active Travel, Core Paths, traffic issues and roads across issues of...

Minutes November 2019

Following the AGM, and agreement on the NCC objectives being fit for purpose, a condensed meeting raised actions about the formation of the Newtongrange Masterplan steering group, double roundabout repainting, reduced bus services, park seating.

Minutes October 2019

Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, attandance at this meeting was a clear indicator of community frustration about the state of our public spaces and willingness to contribute to village development. Cllr Jim Muirhead was in attendance to hear it first hand.

Agenda October 2019

Attendance expected from Gareth Davies with an update on Masterplan and responses expected on library hours, weeds and flowerbed upkeep

Agenda August 2019

Open forum with Christine Graham MSP, to raise local issues – village centre development, bus and train services expected to be highlighted