Minutes April 2022

The April NCC meeting and first in person @ The Dean Tavern, Temperance Room captured community concerns and on-going issues. Police report and general discussion with Sergeant Lindsay, Welfare Park impact from funfair, sports improvements including petanque and tennis and Liney Dyke conservation status discussed. Lloyds pharmacy prescription service concerns. Latest church developments and plans for Queens Platinum Jubilee,  and Councillor report and thanks to outgoing Councillors who offered invaluable support. 

Members Present In Attendance


  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Ross Anderson (Minutes Secretary)
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair)
  • Linda Anderson
  • John Muir (Treasurer)
  • Clr. Cath Johnstone
  • Sgt. Michele Lindsay (Community Sergeant)



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  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1.  Apologies on behalf of Rebecca McCosh, Fiona Brooks and Councillor Muirhead. Chair and fellow NCC offered thanks to Liz Wilson who had offered her NCC resignation. Newtongrange Village Voices to continue with ‘Research Study for Advanced Care/Flourishing in Older Age’ action.
    2. JA introduced Sgt. L and would discuss police report & current trends after 2. Previous minutes acceptance.
  2. Previous minutes –  February 2022 (JR proposed & AM seconded) and March minutes (LA proposed & JR seconded)
  3. Police report – RA circulated by email before meeting & read out by Sgt. Lindsay
    1. Sgt. Michel Lindsay is Community Seargeant and other responsibilities include the Midlothian rural crime initiative
    2. Between 29/03 – 25/04 103 calls received to the Newtongrange area.
    3. Regarding rural crimes initiative LA asked about hare coursing. Hare coursing often leads to other crimes. No evidence of such activities in Newtongrange & surrounding area
    4. Sgt. L unaware of latest situation regarding Key Store theft.
    5. NCC expressed disappointment of lack of prior notice of Funfair returning 27/4 – 01/5. Clr. J passed contact of licensing team to secretary@ email. Sgt L to make enquiries and CAT Team can have a presence.
    6. Sgt L mentioned the community should stay vigilant with locking properties. Since covid pandemic there has been increase scams often targeting the most vulnerable. Scams such as the HMRS, ITUNE vouchers can happen to anybody. JA mentioned it happened recently with an elaborate hoax at his work through hacking of an email account.
    7. Midlothian Council has lead with flytipping. New Environmental Warden Team officers will hopefully help with the regular dumping in the village & surrounding area.
    8. Clr J. asked when CAT team discuss with parents incidents where their children have been linked to are they supportive of the police advice offered. Sgt. L to get back regarding matter.
    9. Regarding noise & anti-social behaviour NCC asked if airbnb owners in the area have been contacted rather than the guests.
    10. Sgt L reported a homophobic abuse (hate crime incident) at Newtonloan Toll garage, 5th street had CAT team weekend plan after throwing stones (anti-social behaviour)
    11. With increase of off-road dirt-bikes. Please phone 101 or pass information to PC McFarlane which may help with identification.
    12. Sgt. L action to get Jason McFarlane to respond with answers to NCC queries
  4. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Todd the Snake– Clr. J set aside £2,000 for implementation in NPS grounds. Action for JA to provide something in writing for project to Gary Fairley, MC. Laura Cameron new HT excited about development near gate & is also keen to get signage for the school at Park Rd. side. 
      2. Queens Jubilee (QJ)  JM introduced COOP staff suggestion of heritage names like Robert Franks, for a walk through the park or new development roads such as at the Morris Club development. Clr J. says all suggestions needed to go through Democratic Services department, MC. Action Anyone with ideas? – should bring them to next meeting.
      3. QJ continued. NCC Platinum bench : Still nothing back regarding LA’s suggestion of a platinum bench for the park
      4. QJ continued. NCC to volunteer where possible with Church and NDT/NC1 ‘The Poll’ Jubilee event.
      5. QJ continued – The Beacon – JM approached Nicola Moss, Curator, Mining Museum regarding beacon lighting on evening of 02/06/22. RA emailed with formal request on 25/03/22. JM to take back action now back from holiday.
      6. Old bowling green & pavillion @ Newtongrange Park. Unable to be used for tennis or petanque. Fiona Clandillon – Head of Development  has plans for use. Action for JA to find out more information regarding council plans.
      7. Old Services & Artisans (British Legion) site. NCC feel it is an eyesore and can we lodge a complaint to the owner? Action AM to look up planning history of the site. Can the Environmental warden Team help with improving the entrance to Newtongrange especially from Newbattle and Dalhousie Rd. JA keen to see a way of beautifying the entry ways to the village.  What about the billboards on Dalhousie Rd. JR mentioned they have been there for approx. 60 years. 
      8. Dalhousie Rd bins – JR concerned about abundance of bins on pavement on Murderdean Rd. Mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. unable to access walkway properly. Action AM/JR to contact Derek Oliver about issue.
      9. Lloyds Chemist, Main Street prescription service – JM provided information regarding relations issue with delay in getting then only receiving part of prescription. Action for JR to contact Morag Barrow Joint Director, Health and Social Care, Chief Officer of Midlothian Integrated Joint Board MC
      10. Sensory garden – 12,000 from each councillor secured for sensory garden, central rocky area (Old Bandstand) in the park. Now with Gary Fairley.
      11. Planters – £250 cheque presented from Newtongrange business for Planters project.
      12. Park fence painting project – JR mentioned it has not started yet but charity can be flexible & come up with other solutions. Community Payback team have priority projects at present time.
      13. Petanque piste @ Bryans Rd. entrance of park – £10,000 Councillor commitments already. AM to contact Peter Smaill regarding Clr.Munro’s contribution.
      14. Tennis courts – RA informed meeting that the old tennis courts were cleaned and lines painted. really happy with the result, although initial lines were wonky. Justin to forward report when received. Still to receive nets and posts from Sharon Lynch. Need to look at storage options with possible Tennis pavilion partnership with local groups. Rent free period is not possible. Looking to have facilities for a summer of sport. Longer term looking to combine with Midlothian Community Tennis concept.
      15. Defibrillators – AM contacted St. John’s ambulance to ensure the Newtongarnge defibrillator locations are still on the list, pads are in date and claim for purchase of pads now with JM. JM to let Ron Campbell know we are up to date.
      16. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
        1. Gaye Taylor – Transition Minister will provide update with current plans at May meeting
    1. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      • Petanque piste – AM to contact Peter Smaill regarding contribution Discussed 4a xiii
  5. Reports
      1. Councillor’s – Clr. J’s last report – No husting for Midlothian South election 05/05/22. Gladhouse Reservoir has a clearway (no car parking). Scottish Water have not set up parking facility. NCC offered thanks and a gift of appreciation to Clr J and JA to get in touch with Clr. M in very near future. 
      2. Treasurer – £2,056.78 still in bank, Action for JM to send a letter of thanks to David Pryde, Newbattle Bowling Club for kind donation. AM required £113.20 for defib pad replacement. 
      3. MFCC – N/A.
      4. Planning Applications – AM to keep an eye on Springfield Development with likely determination end of May/June. Action AM to put post up regarding NCC & other CC’s activity. JM still chasing from Peter Arnsdorf a copy of original paperwork for Newtongrange Conservation Area with relation to Liney Dyke. JM been in discussions with Jim Smith and Edith Hay amongst others on this matter.
      5. Correspondence – Regarding defibrillators. AM previously ordered new pads and has action to check that the defibs are still on the active register. Discussed 4axv
  6. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 31st May 2022 at 7.00 pm, Temperance Room, Dean Tavern and Zoom – register here



Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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