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Newbattle Pool Square 0

Pool Square Gardening Bee

The Community Cabin (name TBC – see WOIN FB poll!) will be open for people to meet, gather gardening tools and tidy the old pool square. We would love your help and friendly banter! Bring...

weeds breaking through the pavement in Newtongrange's Main Street 0

NCC October Meeting

Regular NCC meetings are monthly and are open to the pubic, let us know your issue for this meeting!

Minutes August 2019

Returning from summer break, the NCC spent ninety minutes with Christine Grahame MSP getting feedback on transport issues and how to get the most out of our embattled council.

Minutes June 2019

The NCC moves on first summer volunteering efforts with a planned planting and clean-up and reviews strategy on the village Masterplan


NCC August Meeting

The NCC returns from a break in July and will focus on Newtongrange village centre Masterplan developments, community support for planters and taking on new members with the constitution recently adjusted at our last EGM....

Four smiling volunteers planting beds outside the Newtongrange Library

Summer Flower Bed Planting

It’s just great to see people getting together and enjoying taking care of the village. The boys know what a weed is now and know they can just pull them out when they are passing!

Agenda June 2019

Expected discussion on Village Masterplan, meeting with Grant MacKay from Housing and Planning

Minutes May 2019

Confirming NCC roles with a new NCC Chair, Clarity on flower beds and available resources for their upkeep plus an introduction to Community Resilience programmes

Agenda May 2019

Expected discussion on Village Masterplan, meeting with MC Land and Countryside Manager regarding Flowerbeds and an introduction to Community Resilience