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Miner's cottages in Rosewell

Community Councils across Midlothian unite against council “savings proposals”

Midlothian Council service cut proposals: “none of the proposed cuts would be necessary if Midlothian Council was funded appropriately and fairly. We do not accept them. We do not want to pit group against group trying to fight for whose cause is more important, they are all important. We must stand together in solidarity.”

What's The Problem: Midlothian Council Funding Gap

Planning for Change

A report on NCC’s visit to Midlothian Council’s consultation on financial strategy and vision set against the need to cut £18M

Developing Nitten and the Masterplan

Shaping our town centre: balancing housing, heritage, sustainability, services and commercial opportunities, the NCC is determined the community will be a strong partner in the development of the village.

Flower Power

Midlothian Council is grassing our flower beds: see how the community is responding and join the campaign to save them