Monthly Archive: April 2020

Minutes April 2020

The second digital NCC meeting including Councillor Jim Muirhead, assigned officer Sandra Banks from Midlothian Council (Communities & Lifelong Learning), Connor Wright and Brian Tannerhill. The meeting highlighted the impact and successes of Newtongrange Resilience Volunteers (NRV) and NC1 receiving Lottery funding. Brian Tannerhill introduced his Last Hurrah proposal to council for discussion. Cllr Muirhead reported on current situation for MC, police report, groups congregating, Welfare Park and VE Day promotion discussed.

Agenda April 2020

Continuing the theme of support for the village through the COVID-19 crisis: The Newtongrange Resilience Volunteers update, alternative plans for VE Day and other activities to help the community through isolation.

Minutes March 2020

The first ever digital NCC zoom meeting including Councillor Muirhead and assigned officer Sandra Banks from Midlothian Council (Communities & Lifelong Learning) stressing the importance of the Newtongrange Resilience campaign during the coronavirus outbreak. MC critical services, police report, litter pick, key secretarial duties, parking non-essential objectives and the Newtongrange Masterplan discussed.