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Front cover image of Newtongrange Flyer

Launch of the Newtongrange Flyer

Last month saw launch of The Newtongrange Flyer. The NCC has supported, coordinated and funded a number of resilience activities during the CoViD-19 pandemic and the first issue of the new newsletter, although originally designed...

Exterior of the Dean Tavern closed with windows painted over

COVID-19 and Newtongrange Resilience

Any situation where we are told that if we can keep UK deaths under 20,000 we will have done well, is clearly not a good one. This is a tough time. Something about the scale of that number means that many families will be touched directly by loss, and if deaths can prevented we should be doing everything we can.

Engaging Business

What can we do to help create commercial opportunity? Community Councillors are keen to see diversity and ensure development is inclusive of plans encourage business

Developing Nitten and the Masterplan

Shaping our town centre: balancing housing, heritage, sustainability, services and commercial opportunities, the NCC is determined the community will be a strong partner in the development of the village.

SOS: Saving Our Services

While Midlothian Council’s budget comes under pressure the NCC wants ensure resident’s voices are heard regarding the services they depend on. This will be a critical focus for NCC. Key outcomes will be: identifying services...