Minutes March 2022

The third delayed NCC meeting of the year capturing community concerns and on-going issues. Welfare Park sports improvements including petanque and tennis and Liney Dyke conservation status discussed. Latest church developments and plans for Queens Platinum Jubilee, Police report tabled. 

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  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Ross Anderson (Minutes Secretary)
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair)
  • Rebecca McCosh
  • Linda Anderson
  • Sandy Howden
  • Michael Robson



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  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1.  Apologies on behalf of John Muir, Liz Wilson, Fiona Brooks
    2. LA expressed concern regarding later start of meeting 7:30pm. JA ensured the next meeting will start at the regular time.
    3. RA gave verbal notice of note from JM that Peter Arnsdorff MC Planning has agreed to try and locate 1981 paperwork with Newtongrange Conservation Area.
    4. NCC wishes to remember Newtongrange Primary Pupil, Jamie Allan. Our Chair JA to discuss matter with PTA member to find out what family may wish to happen. Discuss further at April meeting
    1. Petanque and Tennis in Park proposal discussion Sandy Howden (P) and Michael Robson (T)                                                      
      1. RA invited Sandy Howden and Michael Robson to see inside the Tennis Pavilion, (alternative to container) in the park on 9/3/22. This arranged by LA/JA arranged to meet Michael McCran (Dalkeith Thistle) & Sharon Lynch, (Business Development Manager, MC). Sharon said the year lease would be £1,800 per annum plus utilities. Unfortunately Michael McCran was unavailable to attend.
      2. RA introduced Sandy Howden and his petanque proposal. There is an area which has been agreed in principle near the NE end of park, north of old bowling green by Bryans Road. The old bowling green is not an option. What are the council plans for that area? Sandy has created a facebook page and brochure looking to get a petanque piste in the park to be accessible to all. Sandy has had conversations with James Kinch, Councillor’s Johnstone and Muirhead and NDT. AM mentioned to Sandy, for Conservative support you should contact Peter Smail. Sandy has currently applied to CRT, Terry Healey, Sports Scotland, National Lottery, Buccleuch Estates and Springfield. Sandy is now looking for an association with either NCC/NDT to push proposal through. James Kinch has quoted £10,000 as a ballpark figure for the piste. Previous petanque pistes in Midlothian have started from Midlothian Councillor support. Roslyn and Penicuik.
      3. LA/JA both concerned about the drainage and exposed nature of the piste to Bryans Road. Possible removal of rushes might cause further drainage issues. RM thought  the planting of a row of shrubs might improve drainage and provide privacy and screenage from Bryans Road
      4. LA and AM offered to look out for possible funders for petanque project for Sandy. AM also agreed to send NCC and other Community Council responses regarding Springfield Development.
      5. RA received confirmation of old tennis court clean up, by Andy Thompson, Andy Thompson Trades for astro after Easter with painting of lines proposed afterwards. RA/JA are tasked with the action to work with local community to get tennis & other activities in old tennis courts.
      6. Michael Robson has many years experience of working with the LTA. He informed us that Andy Thompson’s clean up off Kings Park astro took 6 days. He has concerns that in Midlothian Council there is no one with tennis as a clear priority since Tony Malone retired, Director of Recreation of Midlothian Council. Kirsty Humphries, Active Schools Team has only nominal tennis responsibilities. 
      7. Newtongrange old tennis court has tree root problems due to the proximity of conifer trees and needle damage to surface. Michael felt it might not be worth renovating it. However the old bowling green site would be ideal for starting again. LTA has a parks regeneration scheme and money is there to express and interest in the scheme. LED replacement floodlight scheme was also mentioned.
      8.  Good Midlothian tennis initiatives are with Scott McFarlane, Penicuik YMCA with indoor and outdoor tennis facilities. For Newtongrange there is potential for combined 5-a-side, petanque and tennis facilities in the park. Michael thinks we could present a really good plan to develop Midlothian Community Tennis. With different forms of playing the game.
      9. RA had technical issues and missed some of the discussion. JA kindly summarized in point x.
      10. JA confirmed to Michael Robson that NCC would put some proposal together and look to get Justin Venton on board. JA/RA action to liaise with MC with proposal sent to Kevin Anderson, Executive Directors of Place MC.
  1. Previous minutes –  February 2022 The February and March minutes will need to be agreed in the 26/04/22 meeting. 
  2. Police report – RA circulated by email before meeting
    1. AM highlighted the knife crime at Key Store and good news that there is promising lines of enquiry. The rapport NCC has with PC Jason McFarlane is beneficial. 
  3. NDT meeting 4/4/22 – AM summary: The church developemtnt continues to move at pace. Gayle Taylor, Transition Minister hopes that NDT will have a formal partnership with Church with the nomination of two representatives for a separate sub. commitee driving forward the church development. JR felt there was a lack of information, requires more information and not sure where it would lead. NDT to give feedback next meeting.
  4. 2020-21 Year Aims for NCC– JA asked for next September meeting to think what we really want to take forward.
    1. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Liney Dyke – Discussed 1c – JM sent letter to Grace Vickers. Clr. M has action to check if Liney Dyke is inclusive of Newtongrange Conservation area. JM requested a map of conservation area in communications. To ensure planning consent is required and a deterrent for future issues. JM has now wrote to Peter Arnsdoff regarding original legal paperwork. To be on agenda for April 2022 meeting.
      2. Abbey Lands container objectionDiscussed 1i JR discussed container issue with Michael McCran (Dalkeith Thistle) regarding the proposed new container (football changing room facility for Dalkeith Thistle F.C youth teams). It appears that it is the storage of football equipment i.e goals, nets etc that is required. It is possible that using existing pavilion resource behind fencing would be acceptable to team. Action for meeting with Michael McCran. NCC do not want a container in the park and clean to explore using existing tennis pavilion. Gala Committee have used the facilities in the past.
      3. Queens Jubilee (QJ) AM confirmed that Gayle Taylor announced the Church are doing a ceremonial tree planting on 2nd of June to celebrate and wondered if NCC want to do something alongside on the day. NDT opening ‘The Pool’, NC1 planning to serve ‘strawberry teas’ in vintage tea room. AM cofirmed that Newtongrange Silver Band, are due to perform at ‘The Pool’ the same day 2-4pm approx. JA suggested NCC have a “scone challenge”. It would appear that NCCC will be lendin support. Need to approach Laura Cameron to see what the school involvement may be.
      4. Queens Jubilee (QJ) continued. NCC Platinum bench : LA suggested a platinum bench for the park and possibly in the sensory garden. AM suggested a picnic bench idea or a combination of tables and chairs would look best on the grass.
      5. Queens Jubilee (QJ) continued. RM felt the need for greater child participation in the jubilee. With NCC promoting a drawing competition to commemorate the Queen. Entries laminated and put on ‘We love Newtongrange’ hoarding. Due to short delivery time the Fiona Horne & school to be contacted regarding the competition. RM to contact Fiona Horne regarding idea.
      6. LA/JR mentioned the Queen has visited Newtongrange three times during her reign. Possible social media and ‘Newtongrange Flyer’ article. Other suggestion was a Jubilee inspired fancy dress race.
      7. QJ – The Beacon – JM approached Nicola Moss, Curator, Mining Museum regarding beacon lighting on evening of 02/06/22. RA emailed with formal request on 25/03/22. Discuss April meeting
      8. FB to deposit money with paper trail for Newtongrange Guerrilla Gardeners (NGG) village planters project into NCC account so funds will be accessible for group when work begins in the coming months. FB not in attendance Discuss April meeting
      9. LA attended a Zoom meeting with JA & Justin Venton, MC Land and Countryside Manager regarding Newtongrange Park. LA/JA has action to meet Sharon Lynch, MC Business Development Manager to see inside tennis pavilion along with Michael McCran, Dalkeith Thistle. to check the facilities and see what can be offered regarding tennis proposal. Rent free period? Discussed 1i
      10.  JA & RM meeting Paul ?, tradesman from Mayfield Industrial Estate at school 08/04/22 alomg with Laura Cameron, Newtongrange PS, H.T regarding Todd the Snake incorporated into enclosed section of the path at the North Gate.
      11. RA mentioned that the old tennis courts are due to be cleaned and lines painted. Justin to confirm date. Looking to use equipment from Newtongrange Primary School and work with local groups. Discussed 1v
      12. Research Study for Advanced Care/Flourishing in Older Age, Liz Wilson kindly volunteered to lead on this study.  LW has action to email Clr J to collaborate. It was suggested to get in touch with Fiona NC1 & LA’s Friendship Group. LW not in attendance Discuss April meeting
    2. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
      1. AM – No new developments.
    3. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      • Petanque piste – RA has action to get in touch with Sandy Howden. Discussed 1i
  5. Reports
      1. Councillor’s – N/A
      2. Treasurer – JM in absence passed note to RA that £2,056.78 in bank, A kind donation of £50 has been received from Newbattle Bowling Club.
      3. MFCC – N/A.
      4. Planning Applications – N/A
      5. Correspondence – Regarding defibrillators. AM previously ordered new pads and has action to check that the defibs are still on the active register.
  6. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 26thh April 2022 at 7.00 pm, Temperance Room, Dean Tavern and Zoom – register here



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