Minutes April 2023

The April NCC hybrid meeting chaired by Jeremy Adderley @ The Dean Tavern Heriot Room & on Zoom captured community concerns and on-going issues. Councillor’s reports were offered and discussion with guest speaker Archie Lockhart regarding building relationship with Newtongrange Star, Midlothian Climate Action Group, Bike Safety Event and correspondence.

Members Present In Attendance



  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair) 
  • Lorna Leslie
  • June Robertson
  • Laura Joyce 
  • Betty Wilson
  • Maureen MacRae
  • Sarah Matthews (Secretary)
  • Ross Anderson (Minute Secretary)
  • John Muir
  • Rebecca McCosh


  • Clr. Douglas Bowen
  • Clr. Ellen Scott
  • PS Michele Lindsay



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  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1.  Apologies Cath Johnstone
  1. Previous minutes March 2023 minutes : proposed JR – seconded MM
  2. Matters arising – Action for May Meeting agenda for NCC to create a mini-committee for progressing NMMS – Village (AM)
  3. Guest speaker – Archie Lockhart (AL) – Newtongrange Star President (voted 2022 AGM) – This discussion a follow up from initial discussions between AL & JA to reconnect club (up the hill) with Newtongrange village and community. Star are “treading water” financially and Covid-19 grants helped. Club is currently a non-profit organisation which restricts funding & opportunities. This will require agreement to change the club structure that needs to be agreed by members at forthcoming AGM in May. Plan to develop the club to be a community focused club with activities not all about senior football team,  Other local clubs have Community Football Club (CFC) status. Such as Dalkeith Thistle CFC who currently use Abbey Lands and two other pitches in Newtongrange Park. The club held a brainstoming session looking at where does it want to be & take the community with them. Crowd attendances has been going down. Average attendance 130 people. Victoria Park had crowds of upto 4,000, the current ground capacity is 2,500. Five year ambition is for the club to move up two divisions and reach the Lowland League. There is currently only the senior team, U20s and a Lasswade Thistle partnership for U17s. Need to increase the pathways for mini-kickers starting from 7 years and up. Have been in contact with Newtongrange and Mayfield Primary schools. With Star Star has linked up with Health in Mind with Club Chaplain Steve Nash, providing presentations. AL will be talking to Newtongrange High School on 27/04/23, with the hope that pupils will help with conducting community surveys asking what the community wants. Star have held discussions with NDT and participation at Newtongrange Gala Day.  Ambition for club  to have an affordable and accessible Synthetic Turf Pitch (STP), at Victoria Park. With club and community access pitch 7 days a week. Social Club is tired as is now nearly 29 years old. Needs improvements to make it more pleasant and family friendly. Look to improve pathways around the ground. Possible collaboration with NGG to create a nature trail and picnic area. With accessible beer garden to improve offer. Star are looking to increase volunteers and Committee members which is currently at 11. Looking to survey the players to see what skill-sets they have and may wish to offer moving forward. The activities include taking the entry money at gate, selling raffles and programmes. The club have held volunteer Sunday sessions to help get grass pitch ready for season. LJ asked AL if Star has evey used Neighbourly app. which highlights local funding opportunities. Clr. S mentioned Arniston Rangers and Dalkeith Thistle CFC’s are looking to get STPs. AM has mentioned that himself and a number of parents with primary school children/early secondary have had to go elsewhere. LA asked about a summer camp. Darren Murray has rented STP in the past. LL asked about timescales. AL has plan to employee an individual on a short term contract to create a Business Development Plan. The transition may take 3 years and has to ensure the club is sustainable. PS Lindsay asked AL to attend a ‘What’s on offer’ event upstairs at McDonald’s on 28/04/23. RA to add Facebook post. NCC meeting are in full support of what Star are planning and AL agreed to come back to us after AGM.
  4.   Police report –  
    1. Police Sergeant Lindsay read out and emailed report
    2.  Ongoing issues at Tesco Hardengreen and Lothian bus drivers reported youth disturbances. Police engaging with bus drivers, passengers, young people and parents.
    3. Ongoing issues at Rosewell, Hardengreen and Gorebridge. Last week appeared to show improvements.
    4. Youth engangement with four initiatives. With community officer liaising with Lothian Buses and promoting community event on 28/04/23.
    5. Police will be working with schools summer holiday campaign appealing to parents and guardians to be aware of who are they playing with.
    6. JA asked if the numerous report of kids throwing rocks at residential properties might be the same individuals? SG Lindsay unable to confirm.
    7. SG L reminded meeting it is ok to phone 999 if there is a crime in progress with risk of injury or loss of life. You can also try 101 for less immediate matters & Contact Police Scotland form
  5. Protecting and improving services:
      1.  Newtongrange Guerrilla Gardeners (Community Garden) Update – RM thanked Councillors for kind donations. The local support has been overwhelming. The amount of work achieved already has been amazing. Community Garden will be open on Tuesday & Thursday morning check NGG facebook for updates. Wednesday evening from 7pm for village general maintenance. The group have built relationships with Duncan from Vogrie Country Parky, Midlothian Community Payback Team, Wizz Kids Nursery and a local occupational therapist. The outside tap from Leisure Centre will be fitted next week. LJ mentioned to Clrs. about a  Community Garden wish-list item of a 50m. hose. is this capital spend? Looking at top soil. There is top soil at old Newbattle H.S. LJ also mentioned Caledonian Horticultural and voucher codes.
      2. Noticeboard– LA contacted Wayne Clark regarding lighting up noticeboard in park. Still requires Connor Wright to source LED lights and install in the noticeboard and Chris King can get it connected. Linda has keys to the noticeboard. Action for LA to proceed. Action for JA to look for striplight.
      3. NGG – Miners Wheel- NGG been in contact with Chris King with regards to lights getting reinstalled at wheel sculpture at the top of the village.
      4. Milton Rogovin exhibition @ Newtongrange Library – For Local and Community History Month in May. NVV has worked with Nicky Bird and National Galleries Scotland. NVV would We would like to invite you to visit the display. Perhaps you will recognise family members, friends or your street. Get in touch via the comments book or via Facebook
      5. Fun Fair @ Newtongrange Park 28/4-1/5 – JM concerned about damage to grass from vehicles. LA to look at are for damage.
      6. Tennis/Bowling pavilions – Newtongrange Petanque Club requires an area with wheelchair access. Jake and SH looking at bowling pavillion. Tennis pavilion is still earmarked for tennis.
      7. Newtongrange Petanque Club –  NCC membership has increased. JR will represent Scotland @ Home Nations Championship in Leamington Spa in August. Well done June! SH involved with Jarnac twinning discussions. Now playing on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Fundraising event raised approx. £750. 
      8. Newtongrange Library outside seats – LL asked if there had been any movement on improving area? Clrs. were not aware of any developments. 
      9. Midlothian Climate Action Network – NCC agreed to be participants in shaping the hub
  6. Reports

Councillor’s Report – for Clr. Bowen sent and read out:

  • Clr. Bowen now Deputy Provost, no longer in cabinet so no longer responsible for Economic Development, Planning & Transport.
  • Concern regarding photo identification requirement for next months local elections in England. The first time this will be in operation in Scotland will be the next General election.
  • Church has now lodged application for planning.
  • Newtongrange ward issues: Desire for this ward to be litter champion for Midlothian. Connect all the groups up.
  • Litter bin issues (a): SM feels the 6.30am bin day requirement for local estate is contributing to the litter problem. 
  • Litter bin issues (b): JA enquired about getting public bins installed with Dalhousie Road and St David’s/6th Street outside school ideal areas.
  • Litter bin issues (c): LA mentioned the unresolved issue of the collection of residential bins that are blocking pavement access on street (top of Main Street/Murderdean Road). Who is the factor? AM has already sent a number of emails but still no improvement.
  • Morris Road litter issues.

Clr. Scott report was sent to members and read out:


  • After complaints there was a Midlothian Council Estate walkabout in Wester Suttislea area officer took photos. 
  • With regards to regarding lorry parking issues, Derek Oliver, Director of Place, looking into extending double yellow lines. 
  • ‘The Pool’ area: Clr(s) met with Fiona Clandillon and stated that ‘they do not want anymore on site’ until housing on site. The council now has budget secured to design the pool site and is at planning just now. Ensuring that community consultation & feedback should be a priority. Action for Clr. S to ask about milestones. AM asked ‘Do you think they (Midlothian Council) have monry to develop the ‘pool site’.?, Clr. Scott confirmed YES.
  • NCC has ongoing concern regarding Hamilton Crescent planning appeal. BW asked what has changed? Action for BW/AM to look at all the appeal document before considering writing to Peter Arnsdorf, Chief of Planning.
  • AM mentioned that it is ‘really disappointing the new library project will not go aheadin conjunction with the church development. Clr Scott stated the £1/2 million council deficit and issues with the land. NCC expressed concern that all three ward Councillors were not included in the confirmation email. Councillors are following this up. LA has requirement that ‘we want transparency with the council’.
  • JR asked about issues with Lloyds Chemist on Main Street. Clr S has previously written to Lloyd’s about the this premises remaining as a pharmacy and has action to follow up for next meeting
  • Any ward resident can contact Councillors regarding £10k annual environmental funding.
  • Discussed Neil William Haulage aggregates levy  allocated to every truck that leaves the depot. Clr. S to ensure share of community proceeds are allocated.
  •  Funding opportunities – Who keeps an eye on funding? – NDT – Midlothian Third Sector Update – where would the money for potential £30k for new hoardings at ‘The Pool’ come from? Blueprint perhaps.
      • Treasurer – Financial figure still £1,134.62 in bank. Minus the £41 reimbursement to JA for website costs. JM to collect folder from JA. 
      • MFCC – SM mentioned proposal of new bus route connecting Midlothian Orbital Bus STAG. In person event One Dalkeith 4/5/23. Survey closes 15/5/23. This does not address issues with 48 from previous meeting. Midlothian Local Development Plan 2
      • Planning Applications – NCC discussed proposed planning change to office space of Saltire building.
      • NCC unanimously agreed that AM will draft up a letter of support for the Newtongrange Church Development appeal. JA said it is important to make clear “how the space might be used by the community” 
      • Pothole priority list – Mansfield Road, Double roundabout by A7, Gardiner Place (sunken drain), Top of 9th, 5th Street, Anderson Avenue, Abbey Grange and Hamilton Crescent. Action for AM to take photos of the potholes. There is also an online form for individuals to request improvements.
      • A.O.B –  ‘Garden competition’ resurrection which Pat Bowie of NDT had proposed. NCC previously had involvement and after vote which was proposed by LJ and seconded by LA we agreed this should continue. RM confirmed NGG would be happy to judge competition.  JM noticed damage to Line Dyke wall with threat to public safety if not rectified. Action for JM to specify area to Councill;ors and report issue.



  1. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 7.00 pm, Dean Tavern Heriot Meeting Room and Zoom – register here



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