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Pop Art Newtongrange Pool Planter 0

Newtongrange Community Cabin

The Cabin (name TBC – see WOIN FB poll!) will be open to dispense and take delivery of: – good quality toys and games (no soft toys), – books and DVDs (no magazines), – serviceable...

Newbattle Pool Square 0

Pool Square Gardening Bee

The Community Cabin (name TBC – see WOIN FB poll!) will be open for people to meet, gather gardening tools and tidy the old pool square. We would love your help and friendly banter! Bring...

Four smiling volunteers planting beds outside the Newtongrange Library

Summer Flower Bed Planting

It’s just great to see people getting together and enjoying taking care of the village. The boys know what a weed is now and know they can just pull them out when they are passing!