Agenda April 2024

Welcome to the April NCC meeting.  

Meetings are now held in person, by phone and online via Zoom – all welcome as always, please fill in the attendance form to let us know you will be attending or receive the online link

Tuesday 30th April 6.30-8.30pm @ Newtongrange Community Centre – IT Suit

  1. Welcome and Apologies  
  2. Input from Midlothian Council Executive Fiona Clandillon
    1. Pool Site
    2. Community Garden
    3. Leisure Centre
    4. Welfare Park Infrastructure
  3. Previous Minutes (November) – Approval & Outstanding Actions 
    1. Action – AM to ask the planners if they are to do a new Traffic Impact Assement, due to the greatly increased road traffic use. 
    2. Action – AM to summarise/share Community Benefit information among other local groups and look to create a wishlist.
    3. Action – AM to ensure improvements are made re concerns about the mud/barriers (thickness of muck on pavements)in area between Ruts and the Bus Stop @ A7 by the Mining Museum. With the drains on Stobhill Road still blocked. 
    4. Action – Clr D to send new Midlothian schools category suvey once published.
  4. Councillor’s Report
  5. Any Member Updates – News and Activity 
    1. Crawlees Road Update – LA
    2. Engagement, Play & Recreation – RA
  6. Review of the Scheme for Community Councils – JA
  7. Garden Competition 
  8. Correspondence 
    1. Additional bins in the Bryan’s Wood area – SM/PM
    2. Sixth Street parking update – SM
    3. Issue with Christmas lights – SM
  9. Regular Reports
    1. MFCC – SM
    2. Treasurer – JM
    3. Planning  – AM
    4. Police – Newtongrange Priorities – SM
  10. Any Other Business
  11. Date and Venue of next meeting
    • Tuesday,  28th May 6.30-8.30pm
    • Newtongrange Community Centre and Zoom


Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

After seeing the great work carried out by the Community Council during the pandemic I wanted to lend my skills and experience in order to make a difference.

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