Agenda May 2024

Welcome to the May NCC meeting.  

Meetings are now held in person, by phone and online via Zoom – all welcome as always, please fill in the attendance form to let us know you will be attending or receive the online link

Tuesday 28th May 6.30-8.30pm @ Newtongrange Community Centre – IT Suit

  1. Welcome and Apologies  
  2. Previous Minutes (November) – Approval & Outstanding Actions 
    1. AM to summarise/share Community Benefit information among other local groups and look to create a wishlist.
    2. C & LJ to look at an alternative location for the community garden with least amount of disruption
    3. JA to write to Wayne Clark on outstanding Crawlees Road issues.
    4. AM to help with portal
    5. 14 disabled bays on the street – Clr. Scott to look at bays
    6. Meeting with Peter Arnsdorf regarding NWH planning permission
    7. Clr Drummond to send new Midlothian schools category survey once published.
    8. Portobello Timebank
  3. Police Report – Update on recent library event and up and coming community events
  4. Councillor’s Report
  5. Main Street Developments – all
  6. Welfare Park Infrastructure – all
  7. Newsletter – SM
  8. Consultations – SM
  9. Committees – SM
  10. Review of the Scheme for Community Councils – JR
  11. Any Member Updates – News and Activity 
    1. Welfare Park – JR 
  12. Correspondence 
    1. Additional bins in the Bryan’s Wood area – SM/PM
  13. Regular Reports
    1. MFCC – SM
    2. Treasurer – JM
    3. Planning  – AM
      1. Advertisement on Roundabouts – JR
  14. Any Other Business
  15. Date and Venue of next meeting
    • Tuesday,  25th June 6.30-8.30pm
    • Newtongrange Community Centre and Zoom


Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

After seeing the great work carried out by the Community Council during the pandemic I wanted to lend my skills and experience in order to make a difference.

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