Agenda June 2024

Welcome to the June NCC meeting.  

Meetings are now held in person, by phone and online via Zoom – all welcome as always, please fill in the attendance form to let us know you will be attending or receive the online link

Tuesday 25th June 6.30-8.30pm @ Newbattle Community Centre – IT Suit

  1. Welcome and Apologies  
  2. Previous Minutes (November) – Approval & Outstanding Actions 
    1. Action for Clr Scott to ask a team to consider if 6th Street location currently has too many parking bays at present time.
    2. Action for AM to look at pre-application document
    3. Welfare Park Centenary – Action for future meeting to have a plan for 2026.
    4. Garden competition 2024 – Action AM to lead on this asap
  3. Police Report –
  4. Councillor’s Report
  5. Village Development, Action JR to report back on consultation / SM (x2)
  6. Twinning
  7. Committee Reports in August – SM/RA
  8. Disability Assessments – IH
  9. Any Member Updates – News and Activity 
  10. Correspondence 
    1. Edinburgh Fringe 
    2. 2024 SURF Awards
    3. Football in the park / Weeds. Is the council doing any weeding? Pot holes. Heaps everywhere.
  11. Regular Reports
    1. MFCC – SM
    2. Treasurer – JM
    3. Planning  – AM
  12. Any Other Business
  13. Date and Venue of next meeting
    • Tuesday,  27th Aug 6.30-8.30pm
    • Newbattle Community Centre and Zoom


Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

After seeing the great work carried out by the Community Council during the pandemic I wanted to lend my skills and experience in order to make a difference.

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