Agenda April 2020

7.00pm-7:40pm Tuesday 28th April 2020 online meeting link

Online and by phone- public welcome as always but please if you intend to join, fill in the event form

  1. Welcome and Apologies – Jeremy. Community Council thank you to Brian Tannerhill, Andrew Sharp & Connor Wright for lone piper thanks to Newtongrange key workers Lone piper video
  2. Police Report – RA emailed for reports 20/4/20 From Midlothian Advertiser “On Wednesday, April 15, officers stopped a vehicle travelling on the Beeches, Newtongrange. Checks on the vehicle revealed that the 57-year-old man did not hold a valid certificate of insurance for the vehicle. The driver has been charged and a report has been sent to the Procurator Fiscal. On Saturday, April 11, Officers were on a mobile patrol when they observed a black Renault Clio parked within the Sheriffhall Park and Ride car park. On speaking with the 31-year-old driver, a strong smell of cannabis was detected and the driver was searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act. During the search a personal amount of cannabis was recovered and the man was charged and a report submitted to the Procurator Fiscal for an offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.
    1. Any community advice required?
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting/ Matters Arising
  4. Newtongrange resilience – update from Jason/Jeremy. Andrew suggests “bullet point record of work done” 
  5.  Local lock down issues
    1. Ideal Store, BMX track/Play Park (Jason/Jeremy/June);
    2. Young people and coming out of lock down – what support should be in place (Jeremy)
    3. Gala day, managing expectations (Jeremy)
  6. Community resilience ideas –
    1.  Project with Primary School & John Duncan for War Memorial VE Day War Memorial & Newbattle Parish Church names Ross
    2. Support for Newtongrange Drawing Club (Jeremy)
  7. 2019-20 Year Aims for NCC– On agenda for reference during wider discussion
    1. Protecting and improving services: Urgent wall repairs required with bricks coming loose on Dalhousie Road (June). Brown bins, grass cutting – Welfare Park, Recycling centre, Fly-tipping (Linda)
    2.  Public safety: the reduction in opportunistic crime and antisocial behaviour. Speeding vehicles (Linda)
    3. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress (Andrew)
    4. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      • Website content – what action? (Jeremy)
      • VE Day – Ideas for NCC contributing to the day- website post? Jason
        1. What else will be happening?
        2. Who would like to lead on it?
        3. Ross’ idea for war memorial. 
  8. Reports
    1. Councillor’s – attending councillors – Midlothian Council update?
    2. Treasurer’s 
    3. MFCC (Jeremy)
    4. Federation of Community Councils (19/2/20) – John to update
    5. Planning Applications – John
    6. Funding Applications – Coalfields Regeneration Trust,   Scotmid Community Grant – Jeremy
  9. Correspondence
    1. CONTACT ASSESSMENT MODEL (CAM) PROJECT 5/3/2020 report from Jeremy
    2. Zebra crossing 6/3/20
    3. Ross Lyall – Community Explorers Group Activity – Jeremy
    4. National Museum Masterplan consultation, meeting with Metaphor – Jeremy
  10. Any Other Business
  11. Date of next meeting
Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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