Agenda February 2022

Welcoming the members back for 2022: Newtongrange Community Council consider the main aims & objectives of the year ahead. 


7.00pm-9.00pm Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Online and by phone- all welcome as always, fill in the event form to receive live link

  1. Welcome and apologies 
    1. Any member updates – news and activity 
    2. Rebecca McCosh membership.
  2. Previous Meeting (January 2022) Approval/ Matters Arising
  3. Police Report – RA chased 20/02/22
  4. Springfield Development
    1. Planning application 22/00027/PPP (Neighbour notification deadline was 19/02/22 (objections 70 & 0 supporting 20/02/22) & Standard notification 23/02/22)
    2. Correspondence regarding development
    3. NCC meeting concerns, considerations & NCC standard notification response debate (Andrew)
    4. NWH expansion discussion
  5. Further Correspondence
    1. Active travel survey deadline 25/02/22
    2. NCC Queen’s Platinum Jubilee commemorative groups consulted and ideas i.e beacon trail (John) 
    3. Tree planting in park for Jubilee (metal fence and plaque) 
    4. Newtongrange Star Football Club requesting NCC support for grant application for LED lights upgrade (Ross)
    5. Alan Watson: LRT bus regarding planned Springfield development with extended Bogwood Road Mayfield/Gorebridge to Edinburgh (via Newtongrange) buses. (Andrew)
    6. Community Food Growing areas (Rebecca)
    7. Kenny Hunter: Flood prevention : multiple sitrs including A7 (Clr. Johnstone)
    8. 5-11 Murderdean Road update (Clr. Muirhead)
  6. Community resilience ideas 
    1. Planters meeting?  – Fiona & Rebecca
  7. 2022-23 Year Aims for NCC– On agenda for reference during wider discussion – opportunity to review and note early thoughts for the year.
    1. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Any development regarding Newtongrange Park Teams meeting with Justin Venton War Memorial benches, park entrance improvements (June?)
      2. State of the recycling centre in the COOP car park (June)
      3.  Issue with roundabout/small car park at foot of Newtongrange (Clr.J/M)
      4. Lingerwood Road tree removal & replanting (John & Rebecca)
      5. Issue with car parking on grass verge (Fiona/Clrs. J/M)
      6. Tennis court improvement phone call with Justin Venton (Ross)
      7. Petanque (Ross)
      8. Research Study for care in later life update (Liz)
      9. Noticeboard – Funded by the MFCC/NCC we may need to keep the wheels turning on this and see if we can get that Park entry board in place asap (John/June?)
    2. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
      1. Any updates (Andrew)
    3. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      1. QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE – BEACON – Ron Campbell correspondence (John)
      2. Newtongrange Flyer latest (Rebecca)
  8. Reports
    1. Councillor’s – attending councillors – (brief overview of findings about how to manage without representation) Midlothian Council update?
    2. Treasurer’s (John)
    3. MFCC (Andrew) 
  9. Any Other Business
  10. Date and Venue of next meeting
    • Tuesday,  29th March  
    • Zoom (in person return TBC)


Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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