AGM Minutes November 2021

The delayed in-person and hybrid AGM was an opportunity to meet and consider the changes to the Newtongrange Community Council and community due to Covid-19, reflect on the major contributions and collaborations of NCC and look to increase membership as more in the community want to support the village’s development. The last minute venue was the Lodge Newbattle St Mary 1063, changed from NCLC due to wind damage from Storm Arwen. NCC wish to thank the Lodge for being so helpful.

7pm-8.00pm Tuesday 30th October 2021

Members Present In Attendance
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair)
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ross Anderson (Minutes Secretary)
  • John Muir
  • Cal Haston
  1. Apologies Fiona Brooks, Liz Wilson, Clr Johnstone & Lorna Hanna-Stephenson.
  2. The previous minutes from 2019 were accepted all present, having been proposed by AM and seconded by JR.
  3. Office Bearers No election this AGM. The next election would then take place in November 2022. The positions remain the same since 2019, with the exception of James Smith (Secretary). AM action to be essential third signature for checks along with JM, JA and will share Secretary cover with JA and RA. Intention to look for members who would be interested in taking on role in the future.
  4. Chairman’s Annual Report Jeremy offered thanks and a summary of the work undertaken by NCC in chronological order, measured against the aims set by the community and council since 2020. January 2020: large attendance with MSP Christine Grahame in attendance and Gareth Davies reflecting on Masterplan support. Newbattle Practice e-consult, litter-pick and park flooding issues brought to the table. February 2020: the incoming noticeboard was considered and actioned. Welfare Park funfair considerations were published and can be revisited in future. Worked to improve weeds situation and blocked drains with community action in the village. This one of the catalysts to Newtongrange Guerilla Gardeners. March – 2020-: Quick adopters of Zoom with first virtual meeting due to lockdown situation this will continue with hybrid option on offer like other MFED councils. NCC assigned a MC Community Officer and reflected all the Covid-19 activity urgently required. a. Proud to reflect on the amount of engagement work by NCC members over the period. i. JM (Treasurer) proactive with the number of cheques and correspondence with groups needed in setting up Covid-19 response ii. The creation of Newtongrange Resilience Volunteers, with JA and former chair Jason Ferry quickly galvanizing situation along with community partners NC1. JA et al. building essential content information on the website for community to access. iii. NRV quickly gained legitimacy helped by NCC being respected by MC, Lloyds Pharmacy and COOP and NCC insurance was key. Trusted by MC to be granted £10,000 for COOP voucher scheme for indiiduals/families in need.iv. NCC received letters of support from DR Grace Vickers, Chief Executive, MC and Christine Grahame impressed by community response. v. RA et al. creating blogposts and social media content relating to local history & 75th VE day. NCC representation at 2020 & 2021 Remembrance Day events. vi. Special thanks to Julie & Bibi Reid for creating mural “We love Newtongrange”, community artwork. vii NCC involvement with Todd the Snake creation, NRV flyer, My Story journal distribution and Brian Tannerhill memorial event discussions. b. NCC members played part of Newtongrange Development Trust from the beginning, trustees and volunteering at ‘The Pool’ another great step forward for the village. (NRV to NDT) c. Our focus on the library and park remained with social media posts notifying September reopening of Newtongrange Library and Post Office in December 202. The Stobhill Recycling Centre reopening instructions were also promoted on social media. ii. Our focus on Welfare Park 2026 centenary improvements has been lead by JR/LA, who has built up a working relationship with Justin Venton, Countryside and Parks Manager, MC and Councillor Johnstone with the creation of Newtongrange Park Life group. Park now have new and increased LED lighting in the park something that has been asked for 30 years or more, new seating in playpark has also been gratefully received. Also a collaboration with Community Payback Scheme to get the gates painted before the centenary has commenced. The centenary improvements will be a major objective moving forward. iii. NCC helped with ‘True Grit’ winter weather community effort which was deemed a success. With the provision of a 1 ton grit box behind Leisure Centre and increased yellow grit bins. d. Produced and delivered first newsletter ‘Newtongrange Flyer’, second in production. The flyer will be a major objective moving forward. Masterplan and Springfield Development: Garry Sheret and Rev. Gayle Taylor reported on the Newtongrange Church development and Gareth Davies attended a later meeting with MC latest regarding the provision of a new library that connects with the church.  The Masterplan will be a major objective moving forward. i. March 2020 Lingerwood Development held our attention with large number of attendees interested in latest developments. Special mention to AM with amazing collaborative work with Gorebridge and Mayfield CC’s specifically with updated blog communication on website and social media, resulted in NCC being approached to have a meeting with the developer to listen to our community concerns and recommendations. This development will continue to be a major objective moving forward. Chair and NCC members wished to thank Councillor’s Johnstone and Muirhead for their continued support and two way communication which has helped greatly.
  5. Minute Secretary’s Annual Report Ross presented an overview of the year, detailing the actions undertaken by NCC and reported on key achievements in chronological order. 
  6. Treasurer’s Submission In John Muir’s absence, John presented the Treasurer’s Report for 2020/21. The current balance rests at £2,093.89 as of 08/11/21. Across the year income included a Midlothian Grant totaling £340.00 as well as A grant of £570.00 from MFED towards a new noticeboard for the park. With a £200 repayment from NC1. Expenditure included £128.00 towards banners and £529.00 for the first newsletter and questionnaire print cost. £316 for shipping container final payments.
  7. Election of Councillors JM informed meeting that Sita Anderson has completed forms and is now a councillor (RA has completed form). This was unaminously accepted. It was agreed that all current Community Councillors and those still to complete their forms have been duly elected for a 3 year term. JS to collate all forms completed by members and issue to Gillian for records. (ii) Current councillors are; Connor Wright, Andrew Marshall, Liz Wilson, Fiona Brooks, Jeremy Adderley, June Robertson, John Muir, Linda Anderson, Lorna Hanna-Stephenson, Maureen McRae, Ross Anderson and Sita Anderson. (iii) It was confirmed that Anne Gunn and Margaret Evans have resigned from the council. Elections to the Community Council shall be held at every third Annual General Meeting.
  8. Schedule of Regular Meetings It was confirmed that regular NCC meetings would continue to be held on the last Tuesday of every month (no July or December meetings).
  9. Any other Business None.
  10. Date of Next AGM –  Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 7.00 pm


Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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