Minutes October 2021

The October digital NCC meeting of the year capturing actions required for next months AGM on 30/11/21, community highlights and on-going issues.  Welfare Park improvements and Remembrance day wreath and participation also discussed. Latest developments for Community Development Trust, rollout of the second issue of the Newtongrange Flyer and verbal Councillor report tabled. 

Members Present In Attendance


  • June Robertson
  • Liz Wilson
  • Ross Anderson (Minutes Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair)
  • John Muir
  • Clr. Jim Muirhead


See Agenda
  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1.  Apologies on behalf of Jeremy Adderley, Fiona Brooks and Clr. Johnstone.
    2. Andrew informed meeting about MC Life Long Learning Team, Karen, Paul and Gillian Liason Officers needing to prioritize three key Community Councils who require greater support at the current time.  We can still request support when needed. NCC members were content with this. 
    3. Matters Arising – AGM to be held on 30/11/21. NCC desired intention was to hold an in-person meeting for more inclusivity. Actions for LA/JR to check if the Gym Hall in Newbattle Community Learning Centre (due to size & accessibility) is available and what are the risk-assessment requirements. AM to notify MC Liason Officer Gillian Cousins. The hope is we can hold hybrid meeting. Clr. Muirhead noted that they are still not holding face to face meetings. 
    4. AGM: John Muir stated that he wishes to stand for re-election as Treasurer. He will not be in attendance on the day.
    5. AGM: Still require Secretary position to be filled and other office bearers are near end of term.
    6. JR announced that the Community Payback Team are to start park fence painting project at the old tunnel area when dry weather. Stuart Pratt to check how much coverage one tin of paint makes before formularizing the total amount of tins required.
    7. JM (Treasurer) received NCC members agreement that a standing order will now be set up for the Remembrance Day wreath. RA has agreed to represent NCC on 14/11/21. No parade on this occasion 
  1. September Minutesformally accepted  (proposer JR) (seconded AM): 
  2. Police Report – RA did not receive this months report and will chase it up.


    1.  AM mentioned MFCC were looking into using Teams to be able to have police attendance.
    2. NCC members felt that we are ok with the arrangement of Police Report, but look to invite PC Jason McFarlane to AGM.
    3. RA felt that with a spate of broken windows we had concerns such anti-social behaviour was escalating in the village. Action for RA to follow up with PC McFarlane
    4. Clr. Muirhead mentioned the CAD team reports gave useful information on current trends. RA to ask about CAD team reports for AGM.
  3. Newtongrange Masterplan Update – Clr. Muirhead mentioned that he and Clr J. are planning to have a meeting with Gareth Davies. Clr. M will also check to see what information he can provide from full council meeting 9.2 Proposed Replacement of Newtongrange.  LA mentioned having site of the church (3D) walk through plans and that it would be great for the village if the proposed collaboration between church/library did happen. AM felt church was the catalyst for regenerating the area.
  4. Springfield Development 
    1. JA/AM continued action to update page to keep it live. 
    2. AM noted that there was nothing new as of 31/08/21 & no formal application has been sent to Midlothian Council. Keep a watch out for Council meeting agendas moving forward.
  5. Newtongrange Development Trust (NDT)
    1. Next “The Pool” event Saturday 06/11/21. This monthly table-top session. Helps keep in-touch with vulnerable, addresses poverty issues with surplus food provided by CO-OP, Tesco, Morrisons and Tesco. 
    2. Great news that Fiona Horne has already started on her part-time Development Worker post to move projects on..
    3. After last months concern that ‘The Pool’ is turning into an eyesore and with the Masterplan for this part of Newtongrange looks a long way off and it needs to improve. NDT have now held discussions with Clr. Johnstone and will have with Gareth Davies. The result of which is that AM agreed to actiion do a forward planning application to move process on which should result in improvements to hoardings and surrounding area.
    4. AM informed meeting that two free shipping containers has arrived at ‘The Pool’ site and the rented container will be removed in time. The plan is for the containers to be painted and visually improved.
  6. 2020-21 Year Aims for NCC– JA asked for next September meeting to think what we really want to take forward.
    1. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Noticeboard – Action JR to inform Justin Venton & Keith Slight at MC for transport from Stobhill depot stores and installation with Justin and Keith Slight  Contact given David @ Parks & Country. This is likely to happen around the time of next months improvements at the park gates and War Memorial.
      2. NWH vehicle expansion – After NCC concern over increased traffic on Bryan’s Road, Beeches, Crawlees, The Lingerwood development and new Easthouses Primary School . Clr Muirhead agreed to look into the matter further regarding the issue.
      3. Line Dyke  18ft wall removal – LW & partner discussed matter with owner to who was granted planning for getting garden landscaped. NCC are concerned that who in the council gave permission to remove the section from this 100+ year old wall. This may also set a precedence for other heritage damage. The gap into a Lothian Terrace garden is still down. The bricks have been retained but once reinstated will never be the same again. Clr Muirhead agreed to get in touch with Building Control regarding the matter. AM action to consider raising as ‘breach of planning law’ through Historic Environment Scotland.
        1. Tennis provision proposal – RA still waiting on copy of application form and action to send to NDT for approval of £1,000 into the Trusts bank account. Once approved action for RA/JA to move this forward with conversation with Justin Venton. 
        2. JR noticed photographs, stones and wooden cross has been temporarily removed from War Memorial. NCC felt this was to help with MC flowerbed improvement before Remembrance Day.
        3. RA asked about the large mound of earth in playpark. LA said this was for a couple of new swings in the area.
        4. JA still has action to see if Justin Venton will get ‘Todd the Snake’ incorporated into the school grounds. JA received agreement for environmental funding contribution from Clr. J&M
        5. After all NCC gave thanks to the regular participation of Clr. M & J. AM mentioned he received a response from local Conservative Party representative regarding Clr/ Munro correspondence stating Councillor’s do not have to attend but should be as helpful as possible.
    2. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
      1. AM held meeting with NDT & Gareth Davies regarding next steps for ‘The Pool’
    3. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      • Newsletter – JA previously shared draft of newsletter with members but now has lots of updates and look to get published soon. Need to get it printed at a much cheaper price than first issue. Action JA/AM to complete
      • Planters sponsorship – FB sent email regarding collaboration and with the Newtongrange Guerrilla Gardeners.
  7. Reports
      1. Councillor’s – Clr. M gave verbal presentation. He mentioned forthcoming meeting with Directors looking at MC current guidance policy of community use of term-time school (Newbattle and Lasswade) hub facilitates and provision of hot school meals. MC and Borders council voiced concerns via the survey with regards to the curtailing of the Borders Railway services. A number of housebuilding projects were agreed under the proviso that the service would be a thirty minute service. MC is currently doing well with two jab vaccine rates 85% ; 4,000 have had booster and 13,000 flu jabs. Current covid levels in Midlothian council area are lower than the vast majority of other areas (lowest figure 31st out of 32) 230 cases would have been a concern one year ago. Although MC have drawn up their winter plan as they expect pressure over the next few months. Recruitment continues for a further 20 council home care roles. 15 recruited and 5 still to be filled. Council services are still curtailed with some sections still working in other priority services. Clr M. also raised concerns over the  Government proposal of incorporating children services as part of the National Care Service Consultation, MC currently with education. Clr M. government will listen.
      2. Treasurer – latest statement £2,309.00. JM paid last NCC invoice of £200 for Jan-Feb 2021 container charge. JM feels we need to find ways of raising funds for NCC.  AM has action to provide JM with NCC headed paper. This to recoup cash (currently in £495 COOP vouchers sourced while setting up NRV.)  Still need two bank signatories to replace Jason Ferry and Ron Campbell. Action JA and AM to go through process.
      3. MFCC – AM reported: Karen McGowan, MC Communities & Life Long Learning Officer mentioned the department only has 2.8 FT equivalent staff. Hence three priority growth areas of Dalkieth, Mayfield/Easthouses and Penicuik getting the CC support. She reiterated that they are their if they need us for key projects. New crematorium in Old Craighall, East Lothian. Still looking at how they can change current flight path. The desire for greater access to live or replayed council meetings and planning appeals; with the public feeling excluded. Various planning proposal over Midlothian were discussed. Looking to move from Zoom to teams to enable police participation.
      4. Planning Applications – New houses private extensions
  8.  Correspondence – N/A
  9. Date of AGM & Meeting – Tuesday 30th October 2021 at 7.00 pm @ Gym Hall, NCLC, 67 Gardiners Place, EH22 4RT  Zoom TBC – register here



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