Minutes June 2019

The NCC moves on first summer volunteering efforts with a planned planting and clean-up and reviews strategy on the village Masterplan

Jeremy Adderley, NCC Chair

Tuesday, 25th July 2019, Newbattle Community Learning Centre
Meets last Tuesday of the Month, contact – secretary@newtongrange.org

Members Present In Attendance
  • Andrew Marshall (Minutes Secretary)
  • Jason Ferry 
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • John Muir (Treasurer)
  • Maureen McRae
  • James Smith (Secretary)
  • Peter Quinn
  • PC Brian McGuff
  • PC James Pendreich
  • Paul Johnson
  1. Apologies – Robert Murray & Ross Anderson
  2. Roles
    1. Paul congratulated the Council
    2. Still looking to change number of members in constitution which will require another EGM – proposed for August.
    3. AM tabled Roles and Responsibilities sheet; this is now largely complete. James Smith requested further information on the Defibrillator maintenance. Quick review of tabled handout. Jeremy to review contact with Ron.
    4. Treasurer – Ross Anderson proposed John Muir to re-election as Treasurer. Seconded by Maureen McRae.
    5. John Muir to review Planning Applications.
  3. Police Report
    1. Overview and Trends – 125 calls to Police during the period. Opportunistic crime rates remain steady since last period, with shop lifting being prevalent.
    2. Items of Note – Police Report to be added to website. Attempted break-in at the church.
    3. Social media push for event on the 26th (potentially) June, to do a Crime Lockdown event, in the park. All to review date and check for clash. 6pm till 9pm. JA/BM materials to publicise
    4. Discussion Points – Brian to speak to MC to clean up glass outside 5 Newbattle Rd. Shed kits are significantly reduced in price at the event.
    5. Free service for garden security review by the Police being offered.
  4. Approval of minutes
    1. Proposed by Jason Ferry and seconded by Andrew Marshall. This was undertaken after a review of Matters Arising. .
  5. Matters Arising
    1. Signage now concluded.
    2. Successful grant application to Midlothian council for an electronic & paper newsletter campaign promoting NCC which will catch every resident in Newtongrange over 3 years.
    3. PJ to contact licencing board to see if NCC can be consulted on the Fair attending the village. Initial contact suggests we can be consulted but PJ to confirm.
  6. Year Aims for NCC
  • Protecting and improving services: ensure services like the library are valued by all stakeholders by improving relevance, inclusivity and cost effectiveness. Action – Working to include leisure centre and library at the centre of the village.
  • Public safety: the reduction in opportunistic crime and antisocial behaviour. Action – Planting reduction within the park has helped reduce antisocial behaviour. Community Lockdown events. Highlighting parking at the school. Speeding in the village – Paul to meet with Gillian Bathgate to discuss parking at the school.
  • The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress. Action – NCC have pulled together a cohesive response of points on behalf of the Community. Proposal to complete Participatory Request Form so that NCC are a legal consultee. JA offered a brief summary of initial feedback on Masterplan Council Meeting.
  • Engaging the community: positive solutions to retain flowerbeds and turn their retention into a project for inclusivity and village pride and achievement. Action – Fly tipping will be tackled this weekend with litter pick and large item collection. Repeat again in August with more notice to Community. Community payback team to help. Paul to speak to council wall guy regarding the potential of danger.
  • Plants arriving from Justin Venton this Thursday – ready for planting in the next week. Justin issued costs to JF on flower bedding. JF to speak to JV on where we should plant. AM to map out options and circulate. AM and Linda to work together. 4 large tubs, raised beds at library and opposite swimming pool.
  1. Reports
    1. Councillors – None present to report.
    2. Treasurer – not present
    3. Health & Social Care – Nothing to report.
    4. Federation – Nothing to report – Paul?
  2. Correspondence
    1. Community Planning – Revitalising local areas, MC making land available to developers with policy dictating that 25% needs to be affordable. Representative Grant McKay to attend June meeting and offer an understanding of changes to Planning Applications.
    2. Ref. minute in Police Report on speeding. Police to undertake speed gun checks
  3. Any other Business
    1. Community Directory was tabled by Jeremy – it was agreed that this should be progressed online.
  4. 12 Date of Next Meeting
    1. Tuesday 27th August 2019 at 7.00 pm at Newbattle Community Learning Centre

Signed – Andrew Marshall 05/07/19, Additional notes Ross Anderson

James Smith

James Smith

James joined the NCC in March of 2019 and has taken on the role of Secretary of Correspondence.

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