Minutes November 2023

The November NCC hybrid meeting chaired by Jeremy Adderley @ Newbattle Community Learning Centre. This captured community concerns and on-going issues. Councillor’s reports were offered and discussion regarding the Crawlees Road traffic concerns, Local Place plan, Police Report and correspondence.

Members Present In Attendance
  • Jeremy Adderley   ( Chair) 
  • John Muir (Treasurer)
  • Andrew Marshall (Vice Chair)
  • Ross Anderson (Minute Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • Sarah Matthews (Secretary)
  • Maureen MacRae
  • Rebecca McCosh (Zoom)
  • Sandy Howden
  • Clr. Douglas Bowen
  • Robert Mackie 
  • Bob Wilson
  • Ian Hogg
  • Robert Joyce
  • Lorraine Klimel
See Agenda
  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1. Apologies: June Robertson, Betty Wilson, Laura Joyce, Lorna Leslie, Clr. Ellen Scott, Clr. Kelly Drummond, Catherine Johnstone, Bill Hunter
    2. Welcome from the Chair 
  1. Previous minutes October 2023 minutes : proposed (after corrections) by AM – seconded LA
  2. Member Updates – 
    1. Action: AM to progress flyer drop to Murderdean Rd/Old cinema residents regarding wheelie bin matter. 
    2. Newton grange Flyer Newsletter – Action to be on January 2024 Agenda
    3. Crawlees Road – Action look  at safeguarding road. Information from Wayne Clark, Midlothian Council: Delay in painting road marking due to the weather. (It was noted in meeting that grime coming from NWH did not help matters)  What can be done now: Traffic calming measures – speed limit to  20mph zone (including arterial routes 2024-25 roll out consultation period for residents & community groups) Reinstatement & cleaning of signs. ‘Pedestrians in Road Ahead’ sign is a warning to traffic it is not advising safe route to walk.  
    4. Crawlees continued Meeting noted that wires were across the road. A request for a risk assessment of road should be considered after recent cyclist accident. Signaling a priority.
    5. Newbattle Health Centre Ian Hogg feels pavement accessibility improvements are required on route from Crawlees Road to GPs to cross roads safely . 
    6. Newbattle Road speeding traffic What immediate actions can be done about Beeches rat run?
    7. Pool Site – Fiona Clandillon & officers  currently looking at draft report from architects (originally proposed to get back to community by the end of November 2023) Council have put in further suggestion & updates. Concern raised that it could be drastically altered. Action for SM to share any updates  received 
    8. Church solar panels – Action for AM to write a letter of support for the Church solar panels appeal after agreement from NCC members
    9. Lady Road path – LA informed that Lady Road path is still an issue with areas impassible and farmland encroaching on the path. Action for Clr. B to investigate.
    10. Pump Track funding –  LJ approached NDT who are currently unable to look at funding issue for 2 years. The area would be a very large area of the top of play park, Park Road end. Robert Joyce asked what are the barriers? Major works – Approx. £80k – James Kinch, Midlothian Council. Action for NCC January 2024 meeting to see what options are available
    11.  Local Place Plan Survey (Sarah Matthews) – SM updated meeting ahead of the AGM about plan with presentation
      1. Aims to achieve positive change in the area
      2. Opportunity to highlight issues. Ensure they do not get missed.
      3. Link up with Midlothian Local Development Plan
      4. Lots changed since last Midlothian Local Development Plan in 2017
      5. Need to comply with requirements of the Local Place Plan.
      6. NCC a recognised community body can complete the plan.
      7. The data used for the plan has come from online & paper survey. Feedback sessions in library & with local groups Newtongrange Village Voices. St Anne’s residents, church groups, Dean Tavern regulars, COOP. 
      8. Input received from wide age range. 
      9. Feedback into 14 areas (no one area stood out as a main issue).
      10. Action to reduce 14 areas to 7 with email to NCC members of the 7 pages.
      11. Set key priorities thanks to mandate from community.
      12. Consider neighbours Dalkeith, Mayfield/Easthouses/Gorebridge CC to be talking from same page – regarding local targets such as Transport. SM will ask about shared approach at MFCC meeting.
      13. Safeguarding of Crawlees Road (Action for SM to look at this for next meeting)
      14. Need for Newtongrange to keep its own personality.
      15. More heads & awareness of plan is better.
      16. Meeting with planners 10am 30/11/23
      17. Local Place Plan to be completed by March 2024.
      18. Need to ensure that your voice is included, especially if you think something critical is missing from responses. Any questions secretary@newtongrange.
  3. Correspondence – N/A
  4. Reports
    1. Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Bowen read out report and sent report to Secretary
      1. Hosted local Newtongrange litter picking groups for a preliminary meeting  01/11/23 @ The Dean. In the process of deciding upon further action. Environmental Wardens are improving the litter position in some locations and I will be pressing the Council to include in the  Newtongrange area in their remit.
      2. Pursuing several issues including litter bins in some locations, derelict buildings, repairs to the Newtongrange Library
      3. Clr B has 14 ongoing actions in Newtongrange.
    2. Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Drummond N/A
    3. Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Scott N/A
    4. Police report –  Police report was shared to members by email
      1. No police officer in attendance
    5. Treasurer
      1. Financial figure still £1,837 in bank as of 28/11/23
      2. Need for all invoice requests to clearly state Newtongrange Community Council 
    6. MFCC – N/A
    7.  Planning Applications – NWH application at old quarry in North Middleton and Newtongrange Church appeal for solar panels.
  5. AOB – omitted due to time
  6. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 30th January  2024 at 7-9 pm, Location TBC and Zoom – register here 
Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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