Minutes September 2019

We meet Gillian Cousin, our new Midlothian Council Communities Officer. She’s taken on a lot amid the lack of activity on the Newtongrange Masterplan and deterioration of our public spaces.

Jeremy Adderley, NCC Chair

7pm Tuesday, 27th August 2019, Newbattle Community Learning Centre
Meets last Tuesday of the Month, contact – secretary@newtongrange.org

Members Present In Attendance
  • Ann Gunn
  • Andrew Marshall (Minutes Secretary)
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • James Smith (Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ross Anderson
  • Gillian Cousins (Midlothian Council)
  • Ron Campbell
  1. Apologies
    1. Peter Quinn, Jason Ferry, Maureen McRae & John Muir
  2. Welcome and introductions to new Communities Officer Gillian Cousins
  3. Police Report (added post meeting by AM)
    1. Between 28th August and 22nd September 2019 in beat area MS03 – Newtongrange, there were 14 recorded crimes reported, of which 9 to date have been solved. This is a detection rate of 64%. During this time period there were 86 calls to Police.
    2. Items of Note – hit and run on First St.
    3. Discussion Points – PC McGuff not present at meeting, so points discussed. Speed check proposed on Newbattle road – raised by community member via correspondence and by AG. This is outstanding since last meeting, due to festival and holidays. BM committed to additional speed checks over the next period.
    4. Lockdown crime event was sadly cancelled at late notice. The Sidings venue disappointingly has had to close due to a servicing issue. Date to be rearranged – see Matters Arising.
  4. Approval of August Minutes
    1. proposed by JA and seconded by AM. This was undertaken after a review of Matters Arising. Actions are noted in Bold.
  5. Newtongrange Masterplan
    1. Lack of plans or communication raised. GC to invite Garth Davies back to discuss how the centre may be progressed, either by the community or MC – all keen to see action on the former swimming pool site. AM to review some high level landscaping options, for a reduced budget via the micro grants.
    2. LA & RC offered comment on church decision for its own future development.
    3. Ron prompted discussion on ‘forgotten centre of Newtongrange’, presenting photos of weeds, damaged kerbstones and broken paviours. RC and JS to collaborate on correspondence and next Federation meeting.
    4. AM to contact Mary Smith and Justin Venton regarding end of weed killer use and alternative plans. Also, request update on stalled masterplan.
  6. Matters Arising
    1. GC gave overview of new Midlothian Council high level restructuring, with phased retirement and reduced number of posts.
    2. JR raised that the reduced operating hours of the Library has already had a negative impact on community groups. Two evening only groups have now folded due to lack of appropriate alternative venues. Hours to be raised with councillors by JR
    3. JM to review Planning Applications ongoing.
    4. Paper newsletter campaign promoting NCC which will catch every household in Newtongrange over 3 years to be worked up by JA and AM.
    5. JA tabled flyer for Crime Lockdown Event – loved by all! Marketing to be reproduced for new dates JA.
    6. JS to issue bullet point list of current issues requested last meeting by MSP, based on previous minutes, once received. ALL to assist by passing their items to JS.
    7. After the positive impromptu summer litter pick, a follow up event is to be planned and coordinated by JR. Date was agreed to coincide with next Crime Lockdown Event, ideally litter pick morning and lunch time event. JR to ask PC McGuff to propose dates and contact Midlothian Council for lend of equipment.
    8. Upkeep of Newtongrange park and flower beds. Members raised the issue of poor and sporadic grass cutting to the park. It was agreed that JS would write to Christine Grahame MSP confirming the actions and programme given by Justin Venton and whether these were being kept.
    9. Update form JA on Hardengreen/Newtongrange Cycle path, successful subject to council approval (granted at time of writing)- facebook page has been set up for interested “Midlothian Active Travel Action Group”
    10. Reminder- Christine Grahame is facilitating a cross community council meeting at the Scottish Parliament at 6:30pm, 7th October all welcome to attend, AM and JA confirmed.
  7. Reports
    1. Councillors – None present to report. Poor attendance was noted by all – JS to contact councillors to request attendance or report.
    2. Treasurer –Not present to report.
    3. Health & Social Care – Nothing to report.
    4. Federation of Community Councils – Report from JS. Meeting on 4th Oct at Lasswade to review gap in music funding. Opportunity to attend Usher Hall for schools orchestra.
    5. Funding Applications – £2000 micro grants now open for application. JA investigating with JF possible grant for wild flower bedding and clean up.
  8. Correspondence
    1. Emma Murray, Midlothian Youth Platform note to share a survey – this may be from NCC email – JS might be able to see link
    2. Flytipping on path below Lothian Terrace and The Square raised with MC by resident with no reponse, JA will chase MC.
    3. Project request from the Scouts Community Explorers Group from Ross Lyle via Facebook – looking at identifying/coordinating litter pick or flower bed weeding JR and JF could respond in due course.
  9. Any Other Business
    1. Online forms to be completed for additional bins (roadside layby, opposite chip shop and library), Line markings and green walkways. JA
    2. JA raised the double roundabout safety and recent knock down with MC, JA to chase– Road safety to be discussed further at next meeting AM.
    3. Ross Anderson was co-opted to NCC, proposed by JA and seconded by AM.
    4. Linda was also co-opted to NCC, proposed by JS and seconded by JR.
  10. Date of Next Meeting
    1. Tuesday 29th October 2019 at 7.00 pm at Newbattle Community Learning Centre

Signed – Andrew Marshall 30/09/19

Jeremy Adderley

Jeremy Adderley

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to preserve our status as a proud village and ensure residents have a say in local development

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