Proposed development of housing at Lingerwood, East Newtongrange & South Mayfield

The Springfield Ltd application proposes development combining three previously approved areas with potential to substantially impact across the wards of Newtongrange, Mayfield and Gorebridge. Andrew provides a summary of where we are up to, and how you can get involved…

Map of Springfield dev reaching from Mayfield, Newtongrange to Gorebridge

Proposed development of housing at Lingerwood, East Newtongrange & South Mayfield

Newtongrange, Mayfield & Easthouses and Gorebridge community councils have met to review how we can best impact positively on the proposed development submitted by Spingfield Properties Ltd. The developer’s Pre-Application Notices are live at present;


The initial application from Springfield Properties Ltd serves to start the Planning process, paving the way for their Pre-Application community consultation, culminating in a formal Planning Application to develop the East Newtongrange (h34), Lingerwood (h35), South Mayfield (h38) and Dykeneuk (h49) areas. This may yield a housing development of 500 – 800 houses (only the final application will confirm).

At this point, it is important to note that all these areas are designated for housing, as per the Midlothian Local Plan (adopted 7thNov 2017). Therefore, constructive community commentary is essential in helping shape how the application develops.

The Local Development Plan can be viewed here (look for zones noted in the brackets above);

Next Steps

  • The developer will host a Virtual Public Exhibition & Consultation at 4pm – 7pm on April 28th
  • Newtongrange Community Council next meet on Tuesday 30th March – please join us online to help shape a response / hear more on our work undertaken to date.
  • NCC would love community members to get involved in this specific issue – do you have some expertise in development / environmental impact / planning / architecture / property etc? Anyone who would like to get involved is very welcome.
  • Prior to the Virtual Consultation, reflect on the impact this development might have;
    • Coalescence of the villages – would this weaken the areas identity?
    • Employment opportunities?
    • Loss of greenspace?
    • Removal of wildlife habitat?
    • Increase in traffic (assume new routes and roads will be added to the development)?
    • Further stress to public services
    • Current capacity of service infrastructure like surface drainage and foul water?
    • The potential positive impact of additional affordable housing to the area?
  • NCC will again publicise the Virtual Exhibition, in advance of  April 28th

While we have great people across the community councils involved, with a development of this scale, we could always use more help to ensure the best result for our community. Currently Newtongrange Community Council is seeking a secretary, but this would also be great opportunity for someone to provide time-limited help on this project – please do get in touch


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