Minutes November 2019

Following the AGM, and agreement on the NCC objectives being fit for purpose, a condensed meeting raised actions about the formation of the Newtongrange Masterplan steering group, double roundabout repainting, reduced bus services, park seating.

7pm-8.45pm Tuesday 29th October 2019

Members Present In Attendance
  • Ann Gunn
  • Andrew Marshall (Minutes Secretary)
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Jason Ferry
  • James Smith (Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ross Anderson
  • Gillian Cousins (Midlothian Council)
  • PC Brian McGuff
  1. Welcome and introductions – none, AGM preceded. Apologies received from; Maureen McRae, John Muir, Fiona Brooks, Elizabeth Wilson, Clr. Muirhead.
  2. Police Report Between 30th October 2019 and 25th November 2019 in beat area MS03 – Newtongrange, there were 15 recorded crimes reported, of which 7 to date have been solved. This is a detection rate of 47%. (ii) Items of Note – In relation to the same time last year in beat area MS03 – Newtongrange, there were 24 recorded crimes reported, of which 14 to date have been solved. This is a detection rate of 58%. (iii) Discussion Points – Lockdown crime event is proposed to run in conjunction with Christmas light switch on. This will raise awareness and help increase footfall to the event. BM to circulate some social media content to JA to post on NCC website. (iv) Prevalence of speeding in the village was again raised. BM noted that speed checks conducted over the last period led to fines issued and one court appearance. over the last period led to fines issued and one court appearance.
  3. Previous Minutes Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting was proposed by AM and seconded by JS. This was undertaken after a review of Matters Arising. Actions are noted in Bold.
  4. Newtongrange Masterplan Following last month representations from Gareth Davies, AM met with Gareth (full NCC invited at meeting and via email) and agreed to help convene a steering group to gather key stakeholders from across Newtongrange. AG, JR & LA expressed interest as well as JF. (ii) All keen to see action on the former swimming pool site “improve sad situation”, JiM stated he was against hoardings (graffiti removed before meeting). AM to review some high level landscaping options, for a reduced budget via grants. (iii) AM to contact Mary Smith and Justin Venton regarding end of weed killer use and alternative plans. Also, request update on stalled masterplan. (iv) GC gave overview of new high level restructuring, with phased retirement and reduced number of posts. Schedule of Newtongrange Park maintenance given electronically by Justin Venton. (v) A number of areas are to be challenged by NCC as some actions are not being undertaken / war memorial is noted ‘planted by community’. To be followed up at the next meeting and challenged well ahead of the planting season.
  5. Matters Arising AM confirmed that he had written to Mary Smith regarding end of weed killer use – response is still outstanding. (ii) Paper newsletter campaign promoting NCC which will catch every resident in Newtongrange over 3 years to be worked up by JA and AM. (iii) JA raised the double roundabout safety and recent knock down with MC. Although in the 10 worst poll in Scotland amongst cycling community, due to no injuries reported it is not currently a safety issue for council. NCC to request some solution i.e. at least repainted markings – JA (update at time of writing, markings repainted). JF agreed to lead on discussions associated with Welfare Park. (iv) Website & Social Media – Due to time constraints, this item was carried to the next meeting.
  6. Reports Councillors – None present to report. (ii) Treasurer – Not present to report. (iii) Health & Social Care – Nothing to report. (iv) Federation of Community Councils – Report from JS which summarised recent meeting, in particular the shared issues surrounding roads and maintenance. Funding Applications – not applied for.
  7. Correspondence (i) Disposal of Jubilee Beacon – JF. (ii) Seating in the park – AM. (iii) JR raised correspondence and anecdotal evidence on the impact of the reduced bus service to the village, in particular the top of Brians Road. It was agreed that to be effective, a case study should be pulled together by NCC and presented to the MSP – AG to lead with JA‘s help- whom has already agreed to raise it direct with Lothian Buses.
  8. Any other Business (i) Fly tipping top of square was raised – email to be sent to MC. (ii) Ross Lyle looking for project – GC to suggest.
  9. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 7.00 pm at Newbattle Community Learning Centre

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