Agenda February 2021

The second meeting of 2021: Introduction and discussion with new Community Police Officer. Evaluation of current objectives, resilience plans, newsletter and park group meetings.


7.00pm-9.00pm Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Online and by phone- all welcome as always, fill in the event form to receive live link

  1. Welcome and apologies 
    1. Any member updates – news and activity 
  2. Previous Meeting (January 2021) Approval/ Matters Arising
  3. Midlothian Police Community Officer – introduction, report and discussion (PC Jason McFarlane)
  4. Newtongrange resilience –  update Janet/Jeremy
  5. Community Development Trust – latest developments (Janet) 
    1. Next Development trust Zoom Tuesday 2nd March 7-9pm
    2. Oscar award 
    3. Bank account
  6. Local lock down issues
    1. Noticeboards – NCC  members decision on which metal noticeboard needs purchased for the purpose of getting the Park entry board replaced for Spring (Connor, John, Andrew)
  7. Community resilience ideas 
    1. Planters plan follow up, something positive for spring – (Connor)
    2. Gritting team latest after February winter storm and new community grit bin deposited behind  Leisure Centre (car park) – Jeremy
    3. Emergency plan meeting 19/02/21 with Jane Young MC. What are the next steps? (Jeremy)
  8. 2021-22 Year Aims for NCC– On agenda for reference during wider discussion – opportunity to review and note early thoughts for the year.
    1. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Update from meeting with Karen Downie, Volunteer Midlothian with regard to Young Volunteers interview project ideas i.e Star & Silver band experiences during the pandemic. (Jeremy)
      2. Feedback on zoom meeting regarding Welfare Park with Justin Venton and Clr. Cath Johnstone  (June/Linda)
      3.  Any discussion with Newbattle/Eskbank CC regarding speed campaign in Newtongrange East Safety Camera Unit (Jeremy)
      4. Defibrillator update regarding pads/batteries (Andrew)
      5. Neighbourhood Services codesign (Jeremy)
      6. Community Forum – exploration of new ways for engagement (NCC group discussion)
      7. Second issue of Newtongrange Flyer content, time frame and delivery? (NCC group discussion)
      8. NWH Group Ltd. on Crawlees Road liquid spillage complaint to SEPA/MC Environmental Health Officer update (John)
    2. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
      1. Any updates? (Andrew/June/Linda/Janet)
      2.  Who are the stakeholders needed for working groups now that the Church development is starting to progress? (NCC group discussion)
    3. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      1. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (Ross); 
  9. Reports
    1. Councillor’s – attending councillors – 
    2. Treasurer’s 
      1. Banking/ Independent Review update
    3. MFCC (Andrew)
    4. Planning Applications – John (Redwoods House, Newbattle Road : house in multiple applications notice RA)
  10. Correspondence
  11. Any Other Business
  12. Date of next meeting
    • Tuesday,  30th March


Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

I'm involved with the Newtongrange Community Council because I want to help preserve the unique heritage, character & facilities of the village.

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