Minutes August 2020

The sixth digital NCC meeting. The meeting this month capturing the resilience processes: highlights and on-going issues. Discussion about an Emergency plan & Community Development Trust.

Members Present In Attendance
  • Andrew Marshall (Deputy Chair/Sec)
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ross Anderson (Minutes Secretary)
  • John Muir
  • Liz Wilson
  • Margaret Evans
  • Fiona Brooks (Zoom issues)
  • Clr. Catherine Johnstone
  • Clr. Jim Muirhead
  • Janet Donaldson (NRV)
  • Pat Bowie (NRV)
  • Brian McGuff (MC)
  • Jane Young (MC)
See Agenda
  1. Welcome and introductions – Zoom connection issues throughout and for Fiona Brooks resulted in her being unable to join. 
    1.  JA informed the CC of the resignation of Ann Gunn. All agreed Ann was a valued member of NCC & will be missed.
    2. JA introduced Brian McGuff (seconded from the police to MC  Liason Officer) & Jane Young (MC Contingency Planning Officer)  to discuss item 3. Community reilience/Emergency Plan
    3. JA also introduced Pat Bowie from NRV to discuss item 6. Community Development Trust – proposal
  2. Police Report
      1. Between 30th June and 24th August 2020 in beat area MS03 – Newtongrange, there were 40 recorded crimes reported, of which 20 to date have been solved, this is a detection rate of 48%.
      2. During this time period there were 163 calls to Police
      3. Incidents of Note:
      1. · On 16th July, an industrial unit was broken into and various security measures damaged. Police are currently following a positive line of enquiry.
      2. · On 25th July, three males were observed near to Lady Road Place, damaging property at the locus. Police are carrying out enquiries with CCTV to identify the males.
      1. On 10th July a dog has attacked a male near Wester Suttislea Gardens. Police attended and noted details, Midlothian Council dog warden was also involved. The female owner was charged and the Council served a dog control notice.
      2. Following an argument over a face mask on 9th August, Police attended at a retail shop on Newbattle Road as one male assaulted another, causing an injury to his face, which required stitches. The accused male was traced, arrested and held in custody.
      1. Road Traffic officers stopped a vehicle near to Suttislea Road on 13th July due to having no insurance. Further checks also revealed the male driver was disqualified. He was arrested and charged, with the vehicle being seized and impounded.
      2. A male driver was stopped on 16th August near Butlerfield Industrial Estate with a vehicle fault. The male failed a roadside breath test, he was arrested and also charged with no insurance or licence. The vehicle was also seized.
    5. DRUGS
      1. No crimes involving drugs reported during period within this report.
      1. 2020 is certainly going to be a summer to remember. The coronavirus pandemic has markedly changed our society. With the majority of the nation working at home, and many juggling work commitments with home schooling, time spent outdoors has become an important part of daily life.
      2. As we spend more time outdoors, we must consider risks to safety. Here are a few tips to help have a safe and enjoyable summer. As we spend more time outdoors, we must consider risks to safety. Here are a few tips to help have a safe and enjoyable summer. For guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the Scottish Government website.
      3. Although we are spending more time at home, it is still important to remember to secure your home when you are outside enjoying the sunshine. Many thieves are actually opportunists who do not have to break in at all because a door or window has been left open or unlocked. For more information visit the Home and Personal Property section of Police Scotland website.
      4. Be responsible and have a safe summer by:
        • Locking the front door and windows when sunbathing in the back garden.
        • Locking all doors and windows when going out to the shops or for exercise.
        • Remember to lock all sheds and outbuildings after gardening.
        • Never leaving keys on the inside of door locks, under mats or anywhere else an intruder may easily find them. Don’t keep house keys and car keys on the same key ring.
        • Not leaving valuables in sight of windows.
        • Avoiding keeping large amounts of cash in the house. If you must then disperse it in various locations.
        • Security marking your property with a UV marker pen, which you can use to place an invisible imprint of your postcode and house number on your possessions.
        • Recording details of your valuables, such as mobile phone, cameras, laptops and tablets on the national mobile property register at Immobilise.com.
        • Hate crime incidents and domestic abuse incidents can now be reported online via the official Police Scotland website, www.scotland.police.uk or by visiting a third Party Reporting Centre. Information regarding crime can be passed to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through an anonymous Online Form – both of these routes are completely anonymous and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
        • Police Scotland use social media to circulate the latest news, events and information to the public via Twitter (@Midlothpolice) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/midlothianpolice).
        • If any person has any information about the incident(s) listed above or indeed any other issue please contact your Community Policing Team, MidlothianSouthCPT@Scotland.pnn.police.uk
    7. JA to contact PC Pendreich to see whether police involvement at ‘The Pool’ will be possible.
  3. June minutes formally approved (proposed JR post-meeting; seconded AM) 
  4. For Matter Arising –
    1. JA mentioned no traction from MC regarding speeding issues. Midlothian Police representative at information session at ‘The Pool’ difficult with current workloads PC James Pendreich
    2. JA mentioned that former NCC member James Smith has all clear from his illness which is great news.
  5. Community resilience/Emergency Plan
    1. BM & JY joined meeting to let NCC consider being at the forefront of creating a sustainable Community resilience/Emergency Plan.
    2. JA unable to attend Midlothian wide virtual meeting regarding this but circulated information  prior to to NCC meeting.
    3. BM/JY available to offer support in creating plan and gave the example of Rosewell CC who created & sustain an emergency plan, phone tree & asset list. Creating welfare facilities list. Rosewell received funding from Scottish government & BM/JY keen to link up with Newtongrange & others interested groups. Rosewell one of the few groups recognised with such a plan so would be coup for Newtongrange. Need to consider what is important for village. Key to be driven by the group themselves, obvious overlap with NRV & Development Trust proposals. Next agenda brainstorm  who are all the partners we should contact in Newtongrange? 
    4. PB asked for sight of Rosewell emergency plan to use a template and tweak it for Newtongrange needs. This would formalise existing situation of NRV and other partners. Keep in touch with volunteers. Especially with ‘The Pool’ initiative likely to have shelf life and slow down in the winter. Need to keep community motivation.
    5. Whatsapp group similar to the one currently used with NRV to keep in touch & resurrect response when required. Link up with emergency service and Rosewell formed relationship with Mountain Rescue service with missing children group.
    6. JA asked BY whether he could provide further examples around Scotland. JY mentioned Eyemouth response team in the Borders & East Lothian has recently with the Beast of the East emergency created initiatives.
    7. BM/JY advised NCC to look at Ready Scotland  
    8.  JD This a likely sub-group of the NCC. JA asked who in NCC were interested? AM
    9. LA felt we needed face-to-face meetings and ensure all local groups are included. It would appear that some groups may soon be able to use Newbattle Community Education Centre. JA was told by Jillian Marsh that NCC would be unable to meet. JR said with Covid crisis people feel disenfranchised more must be representative of the village  like the Bradbury Day Centre, who JD says ” has a knowledge of who is vulnerable in Newtongrange” in the creation of plan and NCC/NRV meeting to discuss community Development Trust proposal. 
      1. This item to be kept on agenda for September meeting. Look at Rosewell plan & other best examples found by BM to consider & for NCC to formulate own ideas.
  6. Community Development Trust – Pat Bowie review of proposal 
    1. What does it mean?
      NCC were sent email from PB with proposal prior to meeting asking who was interested (
      LW emailed back interest in zoom meeting & LA asked who would be the partners). Scope for a Development Trust structure to be set up to work alongside the CC and other established groups to enable community development and activity to grow through the support of local people.

            A Development Trust is a community owned and led organisation, working to combine community led action with an enterprising approach to address and tackle local needs and issues. The aim of a development trust is to create social, economic and environmental renewal in a defined geographical area, creating wealth within that area and keeping it there.

            Across Scotland in towns, cities and in both rural and urban locations, development trusts are enabling communities to make their own plans and aspirations a reality. You will already be aware of Trusts having been set up in Mayfield & Easthouses, Gorebridge, Dalkeith, Rosewell and Penicuik all delivering community projects which enhance their area.

            The support organisation for development trusts is Development Trust Association Scotland. They provide information, advice and support to emerging groups. They are also at the forefront of new and creative approaches to community led development including community ownership and asset transfer. They have over 250 members all being innovative within their communities. Please check out their website for a map of members and case studies showing how communities are making a difference. https://dtascot.org.uk/ (I am already working with them on a work related project and they would be happy to come and talk to us about our idea.)

            Myself and a couple of others would like to hold a meeting (by zoom probably) to talk about this idea 

            I have spoken to both NC1 and the Church and they are open to further discussions. I would propose that the next step would be to host a meeting with interested parties and we can gauge support for the establishing a Development Trust. PB mentioned at the meeting DTA had an incredible range of uses. Trusts are very popular in rural settings, although an urban setting Groups doing amazing things in post offices/banks etc. Newtongrange needs something. JA mentioned the Sidings has gone into administration but means an empty building could be used for community use. A Development Trust can buy the land. JA mentions keen to involve youth workers around our village. AM sees opportunity through DT to create things like job clubs, citizen advice local points. 

    2. How can we support? The Development Trust concept was first brought forward by Clr. J in June meeting. PB considers the need for a sub group within the CC. NCC can provide insurance and trusted support but needs people to get involved.
    3. Next steps – development trust Zoom. Let Chair or PB know that you are interested to attend a meeting most likely virtual but ‘The Pool’ a consideration. Looking at a meeting in the 1st week of September. 
  7. Newtongrange resilience – update from Jeremy.
    1. JA acknowledged the effort of JD/PB to get people together & motivated and highlighted the importance of resilience operations to be an early warning system for community issues, in our case identifying people who have been forgotten/ slipped though social care net.
    2. Recent handover of MC prescription delivery. NRV/CC debrief required JA to liaise with PB.
    3. The community spirit and initiative evolving around ‘The Pool’ and the weeding group grew further with the re-painting of the wheel on Saturday 22nd August by David Bishop & volunteers. David also replaced broken slabs JD mentioned she and Derek sold excess books, cds and other items via ziffit. This helped repay cost of shipping container and saving stuff from the landfill. £50 cds, £85 books, culminating in £135 return. 
    4. JA to organise date for NRV debrief with regards to finance & what the NRV want to consider later this year.
  8. Community resilience ideas –
    1. Newtongrange Community allotments: Potential for collaboration with MC.
    2. Newtongrange Star 130th anniversary 20/9/20.  (Ross) contacted Andrew Hickie/Jas Pryde from the Star Committee and they are to borrow a table & take various items of memorabilia to a Saturday ‘The Pool’ session in September.
    3. Corona Snake – JA/NRV to discuss matter in next debrief. JA mentioned break down in communication between the original advocates of the snake. PB suggested David Bishop might be a good contact.
  9. 2020-21 Year Aims for NCC– On agenda for reference during wider discussion
    1. Protecting and improving services:
      1. Urgent wall repairs required with bricks coming loose on Dalhousie Road (June to take photographs & JA to contact council regarding section 13 notice once again). LA mentioned with the heavy rain the wall could come down.
      2. Bus shelter on right hand side of main road as you walk up past water treatment works at Suttieslea (John to take photos)
      3. Lady Road, historic footpath behind Reid Drive (John to take photos). With all three PB advised that we copy Clr. Muirhead in to make them aware of all the issues.
    2. The Newtongrange Masterplan: ensuring community development remains at its heart and engaging business and the village in its progress
      1. Update form working group (Andrew to find out what Gareth Davies MC priorities are with regards to Masterplan. AM to ask GD what is the current thinking on on ‘The Church, Library, Pool area. We have discussed short term green options for ‘The Pool’ site, after shipping container leaves but think incorporating a “drop in workshop” on a Saturday at ‘The Pool’ with stake holder groups & locals. AM to firm up plans for workshop next meeting. With MC local housing development plans, PB advises there will be very little infrastructure. We need to keep flagging this up!. 
    3. Engaging the community: positive solutions for inclusivity, village pride and achievement.
      • Newsletter – To improve contact Ross new blog post content on website to be provided by LA & JR on The Welfare Park & NVV. Invite for other NCC contributions & NRV asked to post something approx. 300 words. RA to post on reopening of Newtongrange Library week beginning 7/9/20 (RA phoned Stephen Harris (Libraries Development Officer) stephen.harris@midlothian.gov.uk.
      • Website – JA asked PB/JD if they could help update https://newtongrange.org/covid-19-local-information-faqs/
      • JA thanked Community Council involvement at The Pool
      • Supporting the community planting/weeding – thanks to Ross for supporting – offer to match fund flower purchases concensus agreed to this suggestion. Person needed to lead on support and develop planter sponsorship after Jason’s departure. Find a possible volunteer next meeting
  10. Council Reports
    1. Councillor’s – attending councillors – Clr. J Midlothian Council update? Full council meeting on 25/8/20. Key points 1,000 houses planned for Midlothian by 2022 with 79 @ Old Morris Club site and 70 Old Newbattle High School; NCC/NRV could apply for Poverty Grant available max. 3,000 . Plan for homeless unit at Jarnac Court, Dalkeith costs spiral due to new buiding regulations. Planned school closure of Glencorse Primary also Councillors have agreed an action plan and strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030.
    2. Clr. J informed the meeting she will be unavailable for the forseeable self isolating due to illness. On behalf of NCC JA wished her well
    3. Clr. J informed us that drains along A7 were reported to have been cleaned out JR to check for next meeting.
    4. Clr. M was unable to report due to internet issues.
  11. Reports
    1. Treasurer’s “Banking Signatory“. JA informed meeting that MC were asking for additional detail regarding £10,000 resilience grant spend. JA has still to be registered on bank account (changing from Jason as Chair). JM requires NCC headed paper as we do not currently have any for the purpose of thanking donors for money received. NCC returned £6811.04 to MC as unspent money of grant. However MC still quering some aspects of the pend. It was difficult to give precise statement of funds to the bank, this was due to outstanding cheques needing to be cleared (as JM is running accounts for NCC, CRF, MC grant, dontions & NRV) £3,250 in the bank as of 26/8/20.
    2. FCC (Jeremy) – no report, JA/LW attending next zoom meeting Wednesday 16th September 7pm.
    3. Planning Applications – John – None this month. JM did mention his concern that with  the new Primary/Nursery at Easthouses there will soon be no clear green demarcation between site. Same in Gowkshill, how can we take such concerns forward?  
  12. Correspondence
    1. Brian Tannerhill – summary of NCC response to request for involvement – (Jeremy) 
    2. Christine Lithgow – corona snake, seeking NCC assistance to preserve the painted rock “snake” made by village children (JA/NRV to discuss at debrief).
  13. Any Other Business None
  14. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 29th August 2020 at 7.00 pm Zoom TBC – register here



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