Minutes June 2023

The June NCC hybrid meeting chaired by Jeremy Adderley @ The Dean Tavern Heriot Room captured community concerns and on-going issues. Councillor’s reports were offered and discussion  regarding the Crawlees Road traffic concerns, Newtongrange Masterplan, Police Report and correspondence.

Members Present In Attendance




  • Jeremy Adderley   ( Chair) 
  • John Muir (Treasurer)
  • Lorna Leslie
  • Laura Joyce (on zoom)
  • Rebecca McCosh (on zoom)
  • Maureen MacRae
  • Ross Anderson (Minute Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • June Robertson
  • Sandy Howden
  • Betty Wilson


  • Clr. Douglas Bowen
  • Clr. Ellen Scott
  • Clr. Kelly Drummond (on zoom)
  • Bill Hunter
  • Robert Gardner
  • Isabel Ward
  • Marion Brown
  • Robert Mackie
  • Bob Wilson
  • John Cooper
  • Stan Gowrie
  • Ian Hogg
  • William Darling



See Agenda
  1. Welcome and introductions – 
    1.  Apologies Andrew Marshall, Sarah Matthews, Cath Johnstone, PC Jason McFarlane
  1. Previous minutes May 2023 minutes : proposed (after word correction) by LA – seconded LL
  2. Matters arising – Action for LA to discuss increasing height of accessible swing in playpark with Justin Venton. JA passed over strip-light for park noticeboard to LA.  AM still to progress flyer drop to Murderdean Rd/Old cinema residents regarding wheelie bin matter. LA wished to reiterate to the council with regards to online only consultations (such as the library survey where only Danderhall & Loanhead had print surveys ) that not everyone is online and they are excluding a large number of people who would like to participate. JA said the library sits with the people who do not have access and felt NCC could be well placed to help with the consultation process. LL expressed concern that if Newtongrange library is to be shut. We are the last people to know about it. JR asked how did they deal with community feedback in the past. LA asked about the Midlothian Council Communications Officer in all these surveys? JA informed meeting that NCC were succesful in getting small grant of £1,340 to cover our costs with regards to defibrillator, war memorial wreath, website, printing and accessibility costs and will certainly alleviate pressure. Clr. D wished to state that she had hoped to attend May meeting via zoom but due to NCC code issues we were unable to provide hybrid service. 
  3.   Police report –  
    1. JA emailed report
    2. JA pointed out two issues the stabbing in the Dean tavern and multiple thefts in one evening.
    3. Still an action for RA to ask Sgt. Lindsay about community event held in McDonald’s Hardengreen on 28/04/23.
    4. NCC has no feedback regarding report on this occasion.
  4. Protecting and improving services:
      1.  Newtongrange Primary School outside spaces & signage – JA offered thanks to RM and all of NGG for their work in tidying of the school grounds. RM asked about the school sign. Laura Cameron (LC) HT of NPS has sent the school logo. Action now for JA for this to be printed on to sign. Resident mentioned how he received a parking ticket on 6th Street on a Saturday morning. The attendants really need to be about during the week. Clr Scott said we should pursue the road closure issue in Newtongrange like Stobhill PS are also looking to do.
      2. Newtongrange Primary School parking & traffic – Clr. B talked to LC and was also in touch with Derek Oliver. Looking at possibilities such as specific roads/through roads closed off.
      3. Crawlees Road survey results presented by Robert Mackie (RMac) – JR introduced issue which came through Newtongrange Village Voices group who a large number are in attendance. Concerns were raised about environmental health – the larger number with asthmatic/breathing issues and decided to do a traffic survey on Crawlees Road is not coming up to requirement. Crawlees road seen as a quick connecting road between A68 – A7. RMac looked at Highway department requirements and distribution road requirements for road to need to be 7.3 metres wide. Crawlees Road narrows dramatically towards Stobhill Road less than 6 metres long. Vehicle speed is a real problem. Pedestrians cannot attempt to walk (pavements worn down by vehicles) or even cross the road without risk. Request to have lines repainted as vehicles are blocking access by moving into the middle of the road. Council vehicles should not be using road why re they still flouting the law? Explaining an hourly survey – RMac provided a visual example with one marbles representing one car.  To represent how many cars pass along the road in just one hour. The survey was on a Thursday between 12.15-1.15PM with a total number of 410 vehicles on the road. Heavy goods vehicles and school buses to and from Newbattle High School are using this route. Regarding the Springfield development NVV would like to see the road planning. Clr D provided paper link with roads diagram and action for JA to provide plans and make them available in the library. BH asked if road survey using electronic measurement was carried out by Springfield or Local Planning, can we check when they were measured (perhaps during Covid, so much busier now)? JA thanked RMac and believes we have two issues: planning & road enquiries. Action for JA to look at meeting with Derek Oliver regarding road issue and need to consult with absent Vice Chair, Andrew Marshall who is our key NCC rep regarding concerns Springfield development. The three ward councillors are sympathetic to issues raised and will discuss the matter together and Clr S has photographic evidence of issue provided by RMac. JA to consider the multiple actions and this will remain on agenda for August meeting.
      4. Sensory garden – JR/LA met with Justin Venton and planner. The planting has been done. They are taking away railings and chains.  Resin will be laid when compatible with period of warm/dry weather.
      5. Entrance to village Dalhousie/Newbattle Road – Whats On In Newtongrange facebook page posted an anonymous request for joint action to look into improving the appearance of Dalhousie Rd in particular. JA asked about a large community litterpick. Clr. D to look into the issue. RA will also get in contact with CJ from Newtongrange Park Life and Clr. B who was looking to join groups up. Barbara and Steve Somerfield are looking champions who already litter pick the road weekly.
      6. Lothian bus single decker service 48 (Gorebridge – Musselburgh) Meeting mentioned how this once double decker bus now regularly has no seat availability, and is a very poor service. This the only service that will bring pupils from Newtongrange to the new Easthouses Primary School. Clr. S mentiioned a motion was put up in council regarding transport infrastucture for school. Once again the fact that 7 bus stops in Newtongrange do not have direct access to Edinburgh city centre. Which is a real concern for those with mobility issues. JM mentions alternative routes such as the old Lothian 3A service. Action for JM to come up with possible routes for Councillors to bring to Lothian buses.
      7. Twinning ideas – RA spotted article in the old 1970s ‘The Grange’ newspaper in the library and been in touch with Archie Lockart, Newtongrange Star President and Sandy Howden, Jarnac Twinning Committee to look into possible reconnection with Newtongrange and Doveren. Representatives from the club and village went to Doveren, Germany and vice-versa nearly 50 years ago. Newtongrange Silver Band visit Wurm, Germany and are still in contact. SH printed out a very useful document regarding twinning information regarding Midlothian twinning partner Kreis Heinsberg, which is very near Doveren . JA was also interesting in a possible French connection with La Mure an old mining village near Poitiers, France. Action for JA/RA and this will be on the August agenda. SH  says what is imperative is having people be willing and able to put people up when entertaining groups.
      8. Skatepark divots/crevasses – LJ is concerned that after the recent removal of the railings. The surface around it has become dangerous. She asked if the surface could get skimmed? Action for LJ/LA to discuss matter with Justin Venton.
      9. Garden competition – RM has made a leaflet. NCC have agreed to essential funding for purchase & engraving of trophies. Need to get leaflet displayed and  residents prepared for forthcoming competition. LJ notified meeting of sponsors:  Already the Dean Tavern, Kaya’s Cafe, Pastel. The Sun Inn, NMMS have pledged financial support & Be Happy Performing Arts (5 free lessons for kids). LJ wants to firm up the categories and hope to make them as wide ranging, inclusive as possible i.e wild garden etc. Pat Bowie from NDT thinks useful connection with fruit & veg produce going to the pantry. Look to get a judge possibly a Guerrilla Gardener possibly Susan Goldwyre or Ray Magee from another Midlothian town & group. Marks out of 10. Look to have an overall winner. Flowers & veg, pots, hanging baskets, wild flower categories. LJ had thoughts of judging by the end of September 2023. Requirement to get a couple of trophies polished and engraved. Action LA/JR to look at the trophies as the Melville Housing one might not be appropriate.
  5. Reports

Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Bowen read out report on issues raised at last meeting:


  • NWH yard near Mayfield. The council served an Enforcement Notice on NWH as part of the yard is being used for plant and machinery without consent. They do have consent for another part of the premised, Yard 2. A retrospective application has been lodged but was rejected because it was incorrect. A resident asked if NWH has a timetable about when they start/finish their work? 
  • LA feels Traffic Commissioners need to be more transparent with public & councils. They were unable to give details of how many vehicles/skips were permitted. Report to Environmental Health – what options do residents have with concerns regarding liquid pollution, constant dirt, cement, lorries, anti-social hour. SH mentions that his window sills are black with an unreal amount of dust. can it not be stopped until consent. Clr. B agreed to  action to further explore the matter.
  • For any resident that is experiencing an issue with the yard activity a form is available via secretary@newtongrange.org  
  • Chris King, The Lighting Supervisor @ Midlothian Council who has been with the council for 12 years has no knowledge about light on the Wheel at the end of Main street.
  • The outside tap at the school is now in operation.
  • LC in favour of repainting ‘footprints’ walking path. Clr B is waiting to hear from the Roads team for their views.
  • Immediate repair request has gone in for hoarding around the old pool site.
  • Action for JA to request that the COOP Newtongrange Manager arranges the repainting of COOP fading crossing. 
  • JR asked about the £30k earmarked for new hoardings. “Is this money still coming to Newtongrange?”. Clr B has action to check on this issue.

Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Drummond read out report

  • The council has dealt with 28 education appeals.
  • Only two schools in Midlothian still have spaces available for next school year.
  • There has been a slight impact on Newtongrange catchment (Gardiners Place – Bryans Road) with regards to the new Easthouses Primary School which is due to open on August 2024 or a soon as possible there after.
  • Butterfield estate street catchment issue has been resolved now all in Newtongrange catchment.
  • Clr D wished to celebrarte the resounding success of the Midlothian gala days, with praise for all the efforts of Newtongrange Gala Committee and all other committees. 
  • Praise also for groups who ran Gala week events such as the Newtongrange Petanque Club Doubles competition. Which Clr D thoroughly enjoyed participating in.

Councillor’s Report –  Clr. Scott read out report

  • Clr. S was involved in breaking the suds at Easthouses Primary School and ensuring ASM provision
  • Mayfield Primary School has been passed but specific safety issues need to be sorted.
  • Parents are still putting children in a Nursery that is not on the catchment area of their residential property. Catchment rules are getting strict and appels may not get the desired result. 
  • Regarding NWH the tonnage costs are paid to the government, not sadly a community payment & benefit.
  • Newbattle Road may get double yellow lines. Due to the constant parking of lorries on Newbattle Road by G GRIGG & SONS LIMITED (SC355855), instead of in their yard. BH asked if it is still the law that ‘no commercial vehicle should be parked on the street’. Action for JA to discuss this amtter with PC McFarlane.
      • Treasurer – Financial figure £1,137.12 in bank. JM expecting grant in new bank statement. JA explained to meeting £500 COOP card issue and that he has recently met with Kelvin, Newtongrange COOP Manage and he has agreed to further pursue the matter.
      • MFCC – SM highlighted Midlothian Local Development Plan 2. SM to check with JA regarding any previous Newtongrange specific plan. The Newtongrange Library event on 25/05/23 was well attended. SM aims to attend the Penicuik event next Thursday 08/06/23. Action for AM to also contact JM on matter.
      • Planning Applications – Mast extension for 4G @ Ryze.
      • A.O.B –  ‘Garden competition’ needs a date and categories. Aim to focus on food growing. LA handed RA a trophy for safe storage which can be used for the competition. LJ reported near accident at old crossing by ‘Nails by Nel’ at entrance to Coop. Am to catch up with Manager, Kelvin regarding the matter. LJ mentioning forthcoming Volunteer Scotland post regarding the new community garden by Get Growing Scotland. MM mentioned the plea from residents at Wester Suttislea prefabs to get a zebra crossing installed. 



  1. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 27th June 2023 at 7.00 pm, Dean Tavern Heriot Meeting Room and Zoom – register here



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