AGM Minutes November 2019

The AGM was an opportunity to reflect on the changes to the Newtongrange Community Council and prepare for an increasing membership as more in the community want to support the village’s development. 

7pm-8.45pm Tuesday 29th October 2019

Members Present In Attendance
  • Ann Gunn
  • Andrew Marshall (Minutes Secretary)
  • Jeremy Adderley (Chair)
  • June Robertson
  • Jason Ferry
  • James Smith (Secretary)
  • Linda Anderson
  • Ross Anderson
  • Gillian Cousins (Midlothian Council)
  • 1 member of the public
  1. Apologies Maureen McRae, John Muir, Fiona Brooks, Elizabeth Wilson, Clr Muirhead & Lorna Hanna-Stephenson.
  2. The previous minutes from 2018 were accepted all present, having been proposed by Jason and seconded by June.
  3. Chairman’s Annual Report Jeremy offered a summary of the work undertaken by NCC, measured against the Goals set by the community and council earlier in the year. Goals a. Grow the community council – constitutional change i. be as representative of our community as possible 1. business 2. disabled 3. isolated 4. community groups ii. increase the connection, be approachable iii. bring skills, knowledge and capacity iv. increase the capacity of the council and be sustainable b. Identified and worked to four main themes i. Protecting and improving our services 1. Our focus on the library and parks ii. Public Safety 1. We’ve reflected community concerns on iii. Newtongrange Masterplan 1. We now have the basis iv. Engaging the community 1. Growing the council 2. Launching a website – encourage the members to post 3. Funding for a newsletter 4. Facebook reach – for example 2,800 people opened our Dalhousie cleanup post, even our October agendas reached 2,200 people with 326 taking a look – other posts a. 1,300 show me the way to edinburgh b. 1,200 Ron’s retirement c. 946 Justin Venton adopt a flower bed d. 782 Bryans Road closure e. 3,500 Edinburgh sign f. Total audience of up to 7,900 We should be open to review these themes Jeremy then went on to thanks Jason for his support, recognise former NCC members who has stepped down over the course of the year, namely; Peter Quinn and Robert Murray. Thanks were also extended to Paul from Midlothian Council for his support. A welcome was offered to Gillian.
  4. Secretary’s Annual Report James presented an overview of the year, detailing the actions undertaken by NCC and reported on key achievements in chronological order. At this point James was thanked by Jeremy for all work as Secretary. Average attendance across the year was 13, with 10 and 23, the lowest and highest respectively.
  5. Treasurer’s Submission In John Muir’s absence, James presented the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance rests at £3,196.76. Across the year income included two Midlothian Grants totalling £840.00 as well as A donation of £200.00 from Newtongrange 1st towards the replacement ‘Edinburgh’ sign. Expenditure included £225.00 towards the sign repairs, £203.08 for ongoing Defib maintenance and administrative costs associated with the new website / pamphlet printing.
  6. Amendment to Constitution The current constitution permits 11 members, as a result of which the council is now operating at capacity. An amendment was proposed to raise the membership to 16, permitting new members to join, quorum is achieved with 8 members present.* Proposed by JA, seconded by AM, therefore passed. (ii) A proposed amendment from 2016 was also passed, which allows the removal of a council member if they fail to submit apologies for 3 meetings in a row, or fail to attend a meeting in 6 months. Proposed by JA, seconded by RA, therefore passed.
  7. Election of Councillors It was agreed that all current Community Councillors and those still to complete their forms have been duly elected for a 3 year term. JS to collate all forms completed by members and issue to Gillian for records. The next election would then take place in November 2022. (ii) Current councillors are; Ann Gunn, Andrew Marshall, Elizabeth Wilson, Fiona Brooks, James Smith, Jason Ferry, Jeremy Adderley, June Robertson, John Muir, Linda Anderson, Lorna Hanna-Stephenson, Maureen McRae & Ross Anderson. (iii) It was confirmed that Peter Quinn and Robert Murray have resigned from the council. Elections to the Community Council shall be held at every third Annual General Meeting.
  8. Election of Office Bearers Chair – Jeremy (proposed by June, seconded by Ross). Secretary – James (proposed by June, seconded by Ann). Vice Secretary – Andrew (proposed by Linda, seconded by Jason). Minute Secretary – Ross (proposed by Jeremy, seconded by Ann). Treasurer – John (proposed by June, seconded by Ross)
  9. Schedule of Regular Meetings It was confirmed that regular NCC meetings would continue to be held on the last Tuesday of every month (no July or December meetings).
  10. Any other Business None.
  11. Date of Next AGM –  Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 7.00 pm

*Correction 6.- no change to standing orders, quorum is 5 for regular business but 11 to suspend standing orders (2/3 of maximum)  – JA

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